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  1. AndyMC

    Lug Splay Good?

    So I always hear Andy over at Guru notice bits of lug splay with his laser eyes and talk about how Ludwig is notorious for it, my own acro and LM400 included. However everyone still loves them of course and it comes up that they stay in tune better because of it. So DW I ask you this would it...
  2. AndyMC

    Drum Gear Likes, my opinion

    Just getting the ying to Sticks of Furys' yang going here. This is drum gear I really like, has no bearing on what you like, just an opinion. Ludwig metal snares - acro, supra, black beauty. There is just something about these, many companies have great drums, but Ludwigs just sing a little...
  3. AndyMC

    Recording Critique Please

    Just got my recording setup going and wondered if anyone would comment/criticize my sound. I am aware of the minor timing errors at places really looking for sound comments not technique here this is just getting my recordings to sound good before I worry about perfect chops on my cuts. Thanks...
  4. AndyMC

    What are the jazz standards?

    Hi all, I've been fooling around with jazz since I started playing, but more recently I've decided to actually get a stable of songs learned up. I was wondering what are the jazz songs I should know if I wanted to play out. A list of 30 or so would be great and heads up on any cliches like...
  5. AndyMC

    Just Thought I'd Share

    Been loving this song, the drums have a wonderful fluidity to them, far from perfect, but that's what I like about it.
  6. AndyMC

    Sad Drumming

    Does anyone know good examples of sad sounding drumming that isn't super minimalist? After watching Hiromi Uehara I got jealous and wondered if anyone knew a way to play drums both interestingly and sadly, which seems hard because drums are just so happy of an instrument to play.
  7. AndyMC

    Drum Solos and why you like them, or not

    One thing that I have been wondering about recently is why people and drummers in particular like or dislike drum solos. I was also wondering if this lined up with the genres of music you listen to and play. If everyone could put their 2 cents in I'd appreciate it. Personally I enjoy drum...
  8. AndyMC

    OMG Samurai had epic beats

    Check this out and see that the ancients knew how to rock. Go Japan.