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  1. roncadillac

    Shell mounting my pearl midtown tom

    I drive a pearl midtown kit and I absolutely love it. I posted in another thread about how I ordered a pearl chb830 bass drum mounted cymbal arm to add to my bass drum, I only use hats and a ride so I carry a boom stand for no reason and this mount will less my load. I'm already going to be...
  2. roncadillac

    Pearl CHB830 question

    I'm looking at adding a bass drum mounted cymbal holder to my pearl midtown kit. I purchased the Gibraltar vintage style bass drum cymbal mount but I haven't installed it because where the cymbal arm connects to the L arm is only held in place by a wingnut putting pressure on a knurled rod...
  3. roncadillac

    End of backline kits! :)

    I can't use certain trigger words or else this thread will get closed faster then the NY borders so I'll use the word 'this'. With all of 'this' going on in the world, do you think we've finally reached the end of being forced into backline kits? No more 90's rockstar kits with factory heads...
  4. roncadillac

    What do you hear when it's silent?

    *No, I'm not asking that in some introspective way nor wanting this to turn into some deep conversation. And no, this doesn't have anything to do with a quarantine or anything like that because it's been going on for years* I literally mean: what do you hear when it's silent? I've noticed this...
  5. roncadillac

    Opinions: 13x3 steel vs 12x7 maple as main

    Title says it all, what are your opinions on a 13x3 steel vs 12x7 maple as your main snare? Putting aside style, genre, etc (and please no, "just get a 14" comments) what are the thoughts on 'non traditional' snare sizes?
  6. roncadillac

    Evans Calftone, out of stock... Everywhere?

    In the last 48 hours I've placed then cancelled orders with musicians friend, guitar center, Sweetwater, Sam Ash, Amazon, drum center of Portsmouth, and a local shop because everyone one of them are out of stock on the different sizes and models of calftone heads that I exclusively use with all...
  7. roncadillac

    Tried a head, didn't like it, basically brand new, what to do?

    Title says it all and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is in this boat. I've got x3 18" evans and x1 18" Tama (mesh) bass drum heads, x3 Evans 12" heads, plus a few ludwig/Remo factory heads in 10", 13", 14", and 16" that are mostly 'brand new' for conversation sake with x1 of the 12" Evans...
  8. roncadillac

    Evans heads don't fit Ludwig hoops?

    New to Ludwig, recently bought a breakbeats kit. I've tried a slew of different evans heads and none of them seem to fit the Ludwig hoops, even the bass drum hoops had to be manipulated. The only drum.that doesn't give me problems is the snare, which I upgraded to dfd 2.3mm hoops so it proves...
  9. roncadillac

    1" tube cymbal holder

    I remember a somewhat recent thread where someone was looking for a 1" diameter tube cymbal holder to mount a cymbal in a large bass drum tom holder base. I can't seem to find the thread, I think i even replied to it, so if anyone can link the other thread or has a suggestion in general I would...
  10. roncadillac

    Absolutely cannot get even pitch on bass reso

    Tama club jam mini 18x7 bass drum I'm not a tuning pro by any means but I rarely have trouble with any drum I come across. I've tried several different reso heads (new, old, ported, not ported, coated, clear, etc), tuning with and without the batter head on, rotating the hoop, checking the...
  11. roncadillac

    Portishead - Live at Roseland

    The most tasteful and inspiring thing I've seen in my almost 20 years on the throne. Not new to me by any means but hitting me straight in the feels at this exact moment. Turn this on, turn out your lights, and take a ride on your couch with me and this amazing underrated group of musicians...
  12. roncadillac

    16" emad vs 16" eq4

    I'm familiar with both heads but not as much specifically in reference to 16" bass drums. Does anyone have any experience to share?
  13. roncadillac

    Help identify Zildjian flat ride

    Long story short, I always wanted a flat ride and I have been exclusively using an 18" ride for a few years now. I came across the cymbal in the link below and and got it for $75 cash after brief haggling but don't know much about it. I'm not new to vintage Zildjian but I'm not a pro by any...
  14. roncadillac

    Few recordings I'm proud of

    These are just a few recordings I've done over the last couple years that I'm really proud of. The band is Last Electric Rodeo from Daytona Beach, FL and we play an all original set that fuses surf rock, spaghetti western, psycobilly and more into a post-apocalyptic themed theatrical...
  15. roncadillac

    Ludwig Breakbeats question

    I know this kit is covered in other threads but the topics about it tend to trail off so I am specifically curious: Is anyone using one of these as a gigging kit for non-jazz stuff? (Pop, rock, hip hop, whatever) Do you experience any issues and/or have you had to make any gig necessary...
  16. roncadillac

    Zildjian FX stack as hi hats (not stack)

    Does anyone have any experience with using the new Zildjian FX line as hi hats? I know there are several video reviews available but I'm curious if anyone here is doing so. I bought the 16" fx stack to use as a trashy crash alternative and just never really used it. I almost got rid of them...
  17. roncadillac

    Practice speaker

    I am very fortunate to have bought a home in a suburban area where my drum sound doesn't carry past my property line, my closest neighbor is a drummer (much louder then I) who's lived here 15+ years, and the rest of my neighbors always tell me they never hear me... As a drummer who spent the...
  18. roncadillac

    Tama logo bass drum head

    Unlike what most members around here seem to say, I prefer having the drum company logo on my reso head. I am a Tama guy and I'm proud of it. I've had to swap a worn Tama logo head and put on my preferred Evans. The problem is... I miss my Tama logo. I use calftone or coated heads so a Tama...
  19. roncadillac

    Traveling brush pad

    Going on a 10 day long road trip in which my wife has plans to see old friends and I'll be spending most of that time hanging out in a hotel with my dog. In my almost 20 years of playing I've rarely been the type to sit in front of a practice pad with sticks for any extended period of time...
  20. roncadillac

    Porting calftone

    Does anyone here have any experience with ported Evans calftone heads? I am just starting to use one as a bass reso and I am concerned about delamination around the port as time goes on. I bought one of those bass drum O's rings to reinforce the hole however I think these heads are too thick...