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    What chinese cymbal does he use?

    Hi, everyone. i'm looking to buy a china cymbal, i've been looking for a long time, and i finally found the one i like, but i don't know what model and size it is! the china i'm looking for is the one that rob bourdon used on the dvd road to revolution tour, at the end where he does a solo...
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    Microphone for drums(help)

    I'm buying a microphone for my drums, but only just one microphone for the whole kit maybe a second hand one, coz i'm on a tight budget. could anyone suggest me a good model, and how much will it cost to buy the extra adaptors and usb stuff?
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    Suitable splash

    Hi, drummerworld. I recently sold my 10 Zildjian A custom splash, it's not bright enough for me. I'm looking forward to buy another splash cymbal to fit my Zildjians set. My zildjian are: 14a custom rezo hat, 18 rezo crash, 19 a custom projection, 20 a custom medium ride. Can anyone give me some...
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    What's the oldest drum gear you own?

    I don't own many drum related gears, but mine is the 1982 pearl export bass drum
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    Need help to identify this Export

    Hi, all. I'm looking to buy some separate drums, just to collect/ upgrade my original kit to a bigger one! There is a guy who offers me $150 AUD for this 3 piece pearl export with extra hardware, stands, stool and drum bags. I want to know which model it is, and whether I should get it? sorry...
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    Perth Western Australian Local Music store price comparing

    Hi, all. I'm just curious about the price difference in some of my local music stores. In park piano, the Zildjian cymbals appear to be way too expensive, here is the link: And the price in Kosmic sound appeared to be at least half price cheaper than Park...
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    thoughts on Lil Wayne's guitar solo

    okay let's start of with the genre i don't listen to, rap & hip hop & 20s pop, dub-step, techno, anyway all the modern stuff. now let's talk about what kind of person Lil Wayne is, a famous rapper? (i don't give a sh*t to the rappers) that's fair enough. maybe he's got few expensive guitars. and...
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    What was the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

    What was your most embarrassing moments it could be drum related or anything else. For drumming my most embarrassing moment was I did this gig for one of my classmate's 14 birthday party, there were like hips of hot teenage girls, and :D I just wanna show off in front them. So I decided to do...
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    I think I have a problem and I need help

    Hi everyone. So since I got my first kit I played it pretty much everyday. Sometimes I play for 2 hours and sometimes less. Sometimes after practising for like 40-50 minutes I felt like someone's talking to me, and it actually scared me few times(especially when I'm alone at night) coz It kinda...
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    Need help to get this sound

    Anyone heard the Megadeth album: Rust In Peace, i really want to get my snare to sound like Nick Menza's, could someone give me some tips like what skin to use, tuning, tension, and what size of snare strand to use thanks! p.s my snare is a Mapex pro brass 14x6.5 with 42 snare strand
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    Favorite Cymbals

    hi, all. what's everyone's favourite cymbals series and why?
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    Should I give up this hobby for drumming?

    hi, all. before you read any further, i want to tell you i'm not showing off(i'm not good enough to show off anyway!) okay, i really love drumming and i believe everyone in this forum does too! but i started doing tae kwon do half a year before doing drumming, i'm currently red belt in tae kwon...
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    Has anyone or famous drummers recorded with these crap drums?

    Any Ashton kit, power-beat drums, Impact drums, sound percussion, legend percussion?
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    how much was this kit?

    how much did a 7 pc yamaha stage custom advantage cost when it first come out?
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    What's your favourite metal/ rock beat?

    Hi everyone, I just want to know which song do you reckon has the best beat for metal & rock. My favourite metal beat is the beat from Megadeth's song called holy wars .... The punishment due. For rock beat is probably Californication by red cold chilli peppers
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    Could someone please show me

    hi, all. i'm fairly new with drumming, could anyone show me a photo of how to set up a four pc kit instead of my 7 pc?
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    Is this a good deal?

    I bought this brand new drum craft 8.2 double pedal for 150 Australian dollars, is it a good deal, and is it a good pedal?
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    rare yamaha stage custom ive bought

    i've bought this drum kit( as my first drum kit )two weeks ago for 1150 australian dollars including cymbals(cymbals are 14 zildjian a custom rezo hihat, 18 zildjian rezo crash, 19 zildjian a custom projection crash, 20 zildjian a custom medium ride) cymbals are all brand new,and the drums are...