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    Left-handed Gretsch single tom mount?

    I know this might sound really nitpicky, but does Gretsch produce a lefty-version of their standard single tom mount that I can purchase? I recently bought a Gretsch Catalina Jazz Kit and me being a left-handed player, I set up my kit in the left-handed configuration (including removing and...
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    GIBRALTAR: Best Strong but Lightweight hardware options

    I'm thinking of purchasing Gibraltar hardware to go with the Gretsch Catalina Jazz kits I've been eyeing on for some time. Problem is I've been having trouble deciding on which series to get. I know that I want to get stands for snare, hi-hat and two boom stands. And they have to be on the...
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    Show me your Single Rack Tom/2-Bass Drum Sets

    Curious to see how many of you have double bass drum kits with a single rack tom in between. I always dug the look of those.
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    Recent gig video of my band, Phantom Isle

    Here's a video that someone took of my band's gig this past summer in Hell's Kitchen. Phantom Isle - Misfortune ‪[Live @ ‬Tobacco Road‪, NY]‬ Enjoy!
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    Factory Metal Hi Hat Jingler

    Does anyone use the Factory Hi Hat Jingler? I saw that it's more compact than the typical hi hat tambourine clutch. So I bought it and you can install it on the hi hat stand using the rubber grommet in the middle, or install it in the hi hat clutch making full contact with the cymbal. Really...
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    TAMA Rockstar Traps Revised!

    I recently got a new front kick with my band's logo on it (courtesy of Evans Inked) and it inspired me to give the whole kit a major makeover. Basically I converted to a 1-up, 2-down configuration, put away my 13" tom and took out my 14" tom (which I haven't used in 10 years) and attached it to...
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    Looking for a shorter hi hat rod

    Like many drummers here, the pull rod on my hi hat stand has been driving me crazy, making it harder to have cymbals on its side without colliding with the rod. So before anyone suggests I cut the rod with a saw and smooth the edge (which I'll do as a last resort), does anyone know of a shorter...
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    Sabian HHX 15" Hi-Hats - Groove Vs. X-celerator

    Trying to decide for a future purchase between two of the HHX 15" Hi Hats - Groove Hats or X-celerator Hats. I'm sure this was discussed somewhere in this forum but always good to get fresh opinions. I play hard rock, funk and jazz so I would like some feedback on which pair would sound the...
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    Timbales (drum set add-on)

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good add-on timbale to go with my Tama Rockstar to follow my 12", 13" and 16" toms. I've been looking for a 10" which oddly enough is either rare (the most common I see are 6", 8", 12", 13", 14", 15") or they only come in pairs (8"+10"). I've...
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    Long time lurker with an old Tama kit.

    Greetings, friends! Been looking at this thing for a long time and thought it was time I introduced myself and my traps. Name's Luigi and this here's my Tama Rockstar which I've owned for about 15 years now. Pics & Specs below. SPECS 1996 Tama Rockstar (Misty Chrome finish) 22"X18" kick...