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    What are these for? (Pic)

    I have not seen a screen setup like this. Most times, the clear screen covers the bass drum too. I have never known what these are for. Are they supposed to isolate the drum sound being mic'd from the rest of the band?? Also it looks he has cymbal fasteners holding his screen in place. ...
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    Please provide feedback on this video

    I have the exact drum kit that is in this video. Can anyone tell me what he did to get the toms tone that you hear? I want the same attack/ring/sustain. In the video, he is using the same stock Remo UT pinstripes that I have on mine. How far above finger tight do you think his batter side lugs...
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    Grew up drumming as a child and teenager. Switched to bass guitar around 16. Played in many bands as a bassist. Deep down wanted to go back to drums but shrugged it off for years. Now...finally dropped a grand on a new drum set. First I have ever owned. Loved the tone and the kit but kept...
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    Bass drum pedal hitting screw.

    I've been fighting this effing pedal for four days now. I can't get footplate to stop hitting the claw screw when I stomp a beat. I have raised the footplate, but then it causes angle of the beater to go waaaayy back to like 70 degrees. And then it still hits the screw when I stomp, but just...
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    Question about washers and tension rod

    I just received my new Ludwig Evolution Maple 7-piece. The tension rods for the bass drum already have metal washers slid on. But inside the little baggie they came in, there are also plastic washers. Am I supposed to stack the washers before I slide the tension rod through the claw? And if...