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    Who Are The Worst Drummers That Are Good In Spite Of How Lousy They Are?

    If you know what I mean...:) For example, Ringo is not technically great in many ways, but nevertheless he is GREAT. He overcomes whatever skills he may lack with creativity and feel and playing cool licks and playing the right thing for the song, etc etc etc. Who else do you think is great...
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    Tom Mounted On Cymbal Stand-Sympathetic Ring

    I recently tuned my toms up and open for a change, and I'm liking it...but I noticed that my 13" tom, which is mounted on the crash cymbal stand, will ring (excessively) when I hit the cymbal, the vibrations coming through the cymbal stand. So I could: change my tuning, use muffling, put the...
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    Anyone Switch From Heal Up To Heal Down?

    This forum looks different than it used to! (i don't like it)... anyway... I should start by saying drums are not my main instrument and I've never had lessons... but for the longest time I played heal up because it seemed easier and more powerful, and playing heal down seemed weak. Heal up...
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    Tuning Tom Heads To The Same Pitch

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I've been experimenting with different tunings on toms, and I found something I think I like for the floor tom (16" Ludwig Classic Maple), which as it turns out is approx B over Eb, or 121 over 152 or so, for those keeping score with a tunebot...
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    Evans More Expensive Than Remo?

    So I was thinking of trying out Evans heads, have always use Remo. So I decide to go G2 over the Genera reso (that's a good combo, yes?)... and when I go to buy, I notice that Evans are, for example, 18.99 for a 16", and Remo Emperors are 13.00. What up wit dat?
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    Beatles-What Goes On-Ringo

    Hey drummers, So you know the song What Goes On by The Beatles with good ol Ringo singing, right? Seems like a simple song, but I find it quite hard to play. I am basically a beginner, and so I'm wondering a few of things. I'm curious if this song would be quite easy for all you...
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    Do you keep your cardboard boxes?

    Just wondering? I have a big pile of cardboard boxes in my garage that my drums and all other gear came in. Am I a hoarder?! I think I should either throw them all away or at least break them all down, but then there's all the good packing stuff in them...and I think as soon as I do this I'm...
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    Ludwig Atlas Standard pedal

    Hi, Anyone familiar with this pedal? It's on the inexpensive side. Wondering if I should get something else. Reason? I can't seem to find a place that is truly comfortable. Have tried tight, medium, loose. There is something about the spring perhaps...even at the loosest setting, there seems...
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    Does It Matter Where You Buy Heads From?

    Or how old a new head is? I see the various threads with people complaining that Remo heads go bad are have quality issues...same with Evans, etc. Just wondering if maybe it matters where you buy from...also if it matters if heads have been laying around a long time before being sold. Or...
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    Vinatge A's suck?

    Remo Vintage Ambassador Drum Heads suck? Maybe it's me, but I'm beginning to think Remo Vintage Ambassador Drum Heads suck. I feel like Remo Vintage Ambassador Drum Heads are kind of lifeless, and yet have overtones, but only of the annoying variety, and are hard to tune as well. I've been...
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    Falam Slam versus moloskin, etc.

    Falam Slam versus moleskin, etc. I got a couple of Remo Falam Slams, and I was thinking of putting one on, but before I do, I'd thought I'd ask here....from what I understand once you put one on they are hard to get off. I'm wanting this not so much to protect the kick batter, but for the...
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    Ludwig Classic Maple 13" tom-tuning trouble

    I've got a Ludwig Classic Maple kit, and the 13" tom has the mount on one of the lugs that attaches to the cymbal stand. I'm having a hell of time getting it to sound good. I just put on a Remo Vintage A on top and Ambassador on the reso. At best, the tom has a sort of octave overtone that...
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    Seating drumhead, culling, standing on, etc!!

    Just got some new Remo heads and was wondering about this. Couldn't find anything on Remo's site about it. Have you seen these videos? This one at 1:36. And this one: Then I've seen people say don't do...
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    Can't Groove To A Click!

    Okay, I know...practice. I have kicked up practice (just a part-time drummer here, wouldn't even dare to call myself one), so hopefully eventually I'll get it. But it's so frustrating. I feel when I'm playing with the click that I'm in the groove, even the simplest of beats, but when I listen...
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    60s-70s sound(s)-coated ambs, top&bottom?

    Couple of questions: 1. Was the most common head choice Coated Ambassadors, top and bottom, in the 60s and 70s? 2. I know that in the late 60s through the 70s, a lot of changes happened with dampening, tea towels, no bottom head, etc. But I'm guessing that still the Coated Ambassador was the...
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    Bump on palm of hand

    Too much pornhub, or......? Seriously, I just discovered a bump, or a lump, on my right palm. Not a callous...could be a cyst? I looked it up, and it could be the beginnings of Dupuytren's Contracture? It's sort of between the pinky and ring finger, and down between the 2 horizontal wrinkles...
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    Snare tuning-How to get non "snarey" sound

    I was watching this drum lesson video, and the sound of the snare sort of reminded me of something I've wondered about. Go to 3:49 to skip the soliloquy. That sort of non "snarey" sound. It's more of a knocking sound. Not sure if this video is...
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    Famous Unschooled Drummers

    I like Ringo, I think he's great, but he is famously unschooled and self taught (so he says). Much of his style derived from playing left handed on a right handed kit, coming up with things because he doesn't know how to do other things, etc. My questions are..... is his technique "bad" or...
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    Ludwig bass drum resonant head

    I recently got a Ludwig Classic maple kit, and my question is about the Ludwig bass drum resonant head. It's very very dead. There is no note to it whatsoever, which makes it hard to tune. Is it supposed to be like that? What resonant head would people use back in the 60s and 70s? Thanks.
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    Leaving bottom heads off

    In the same sort of vein as my other thread, is it okay to leave bottom heads off of toms and the kick drum (I like to do a 70s thing a lot of the time :) )? I've seen mixed opinions on that. Some have said you should cut out a head so you can still have the rim on. But is there really any...