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    Not sure what the money beat is?

    WOW, lots of interest and opinions on this one – that’s good. I’m not the best/most accomplished drummer (huge understatement). I do what I can and attempt to “mimic” but that doesn’t always happen AND that doesn’t really bother me. I think I’m “fitting” the groove pretty well; it usually...
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    Drum Gear Photography

    Grunter'Dad, What finish/color is the PC020010 - love it?
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    Why is “White Marine Pearl” so popular?

    Have to agree with this. . .
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    Reverse Order of Mounted Toms?

    Yes, very interesting.
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    College to study drum set and something else

    This is a six year old topic. Does anyone know what direction/decision the OP went with? No biggie, just wondering.
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    What drumming advice would you give to a younger you?

    Now that sounds like true love or a match made in heaven - cheers PorkPie. . . .
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    I always was impressed with little girl.
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    Forearm Injury From Drumming

    Basically inside right elbow only. Periodically I will feel something on the outside but seldom - always right elbow. I was trying to think if I had some other trauma but really nothing. The only explanation sadly is drumming. The chiro said it is similar to carpletunnel. I'm not ready for...
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    Forearm Injury From Drumming

    Cortisone was one of the options mentioned by my doctor. I have not done so yet but probably should seriously consider.
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    Forearm Injury From Drumming

    I have the exact same problem. I spoke to a couple medical people (doctor and chiropractor) - both said it was Medial Epicondylitis better known as Golfer's Elbow. They gave me some exercises to help alleviate. It's been about two months and to be honest I really don't see any difference...
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    Practice on ekit and gig on acoustic kit.

    and, under the circumstances, the alternative is?
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    What is "The Off Topic Lounge" for?

    Now that's On Topic. . .
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    New Forum at a standstill?????

    Exactly - agree wholeheartedly!!!
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    Consequences of Drum Workshop’s takeover?

    It’s been almost a year now since we/I first heard about DW buying out Fender’s percussion brands, Gretsch in particular. Has anyone noticed any distinct changes either way – good or bad; maybe not only for DW or Gretsch but what about some of the other companies – Sabian, Gibraltar, KAT, etc.?
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    Tama Cobra Coil

    Does anyone know if a Tama Cobra Coil (#CC900S) will fit on a Tama Iron Cobra 200 (HP200PTW) pedal? Literature states they fit “any” Iron Cobra but I have read one place where it may require some modification. If it works without a hitch, I’ll pop for the 20 bucks (pretty cheap), but I really...
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    Hi hat - rotating legs?

    This may sound a bit stupid but could someone explain hi hat “rotating legs”? I am considering adding a VH-11 hi-hat to my eDrum kit. However, I am very tight on space.
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    Oh that iPad

    Maybe this is has been here before but…. A man and his iPad -- I don’t think my fingers could even move like this.
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    Website Issue

    This probably doesn’t belong in this discussion group but I’m having a problem - my back button in Internet Explorer 11 does not take me back one page. I’m only having this issue with this website – others forum are working fine. Any suggestions? Thanks…. SKK
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    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2- Noisy?

    I have question on the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface. Presumably, it greatly reduces latency which is exactly what I’m looking for. However, I’ve read there are other concerns with the unit, namely clicking, crackling, and other noise issues. Are any of you experiencing any of this? My...