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  1. drummerchick435

    Truth or Shine?

    Within the next 12-18 months I plan on buying my first ever custom drum kit! However, I'm in a quandary. Truth Custom Drums or Shine Custom Drums? I play metal, pop, punk, and Christian praise+worship. I've gotten quotes from both companies. Shine Custom Drums Pros: cheaper, better finishes...
  2. drummerchick435

    An Apology to the Forum

    Drummerworld, I apologize for my recent postings which did contain some profanity. It was not only unnecessary; it was against the rules. It very disrespectful to Bernhard, NuthaJason, and DogBreath to go against the rules that they have set. As a long-time member, I should know better. I am...
  3. drummerchick435

    Your Signatures

    Lately, whenever I click on a link in someone's signature, a message says that the link is no longer available or something like that. For example, if someone has a link to a thread here about their kit and I get a message saying the link is no longer available. Anyway, since Bernhard...
  4. drummerchick435

    Ride Cymbal

    Can anyone tell me what the ride cymbal is that this guy in this vid is using? I really like the sound, and it's what I've been looking for.
  5. drummerchick435

    Not that anyone would care...

    ...but I'm going to get to go to see the JONAS BROTHERS!!! I love them!! They are very talented for their age and easy on the eyes. haha. If you're going to post negatively (which I'm sure is going to happen) about the Jonas Brothers, at least do it intelligently. Don't say "teh jonas...
  6. drummerchick435

    Being Friends With Your Drum Teacher

    Ok. After 4 years of teaching myself drums and waiting until my parents could afford drum lessons, I finally got a drum teacher in August. At first, I just saw him as my drum teacher. Now, I am starting to see him as a potential friend, and I've been wanting to just hangout with him. However...
  7. drummerchick435

    New Mapex Meridian Line

    It looks like Mapex is replacing the Pro-M and M-Birch drums with the Meridian Maple and Birch drums. They look pretty cool, and they've upgraded the hardware too. Well, I'm about halfway through with some requirements that my parents have put on me in order to get a new kit. I originally was...
  8. drummerchick435

    Demon Hunter

    Does anyone like the band Demon Hunter? I think they kick butt! I'd like to meet them one day.
  9. drummerchick435

    Hilarious Gregg Bissonette Video

    Gregg is hilarious!!!