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    Cymbal stand help

    I have one of those SP boom stands with only a 16" PST5 Crash on it and the stand keeps moving away from my kit when I hit the crash. Does anyone have any idea why it keeps moving?
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    Help with jazz solo

    Can someone please help me? I've got to pretend to be a drummer from the Harlem Renaissance and play a 1min solo for history class on friday. While 1min doesn't seem like a long time it is when you know almost nothing about swing and are only playing with a snare, kick, and ride. Can someone...
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    Time Signature Help

    I had a drum teacher for like 4yrs but we never talked about this because all the song were either 4/4 or cut time and I never really had a reason to ask, but now I'm trying to write out my drum parts in an attempt to learn how to read a drum set chart. Here’s the question: How do I...
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    Rolan V-Drum Contest

    Anyone gonna enter it? I would but I'm 14 and I'm not that good.
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    Some insight please

    BACKGROUND: So I'm a freshmen in high school and I kinda wanna start playing in a band since I've been playing my set for about 2 and a half years. Right now I'm playing my Cat Club Jazz kit, which I love dearly. First Question: Do you think I could play my kit in a rock band and have it be...
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    What do you guys think of this cymbal setup? 14” Zildjian A New Beat Hi Hats Brilliant 18” Paiste Twenty Series China 18” Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash 19” Zildjian A Custom Crash 21” Sabian AAX Stage Ride Cymbal Thanks.
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    Kick drum depth

    Can someone name some companys that make kicks that are 16" deep for their "high end" kits.
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    Ride Help

    Does anyone know of a Ride cymbal that is like a Zildjian 20” K Custom Hybrid Ride except with a little more wash. I don't care what brand it is.
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    Masters of Maple

    Anyone ever heard of Masters of Maple custom drum company?
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    Help Please

    I need to know your opinion. Should I: 1) Spend all my money on either a Tama Hyper drive kit or Catalina Maple kit. OR 2) Just what how ever long it takes to save up enough money to get a great kit (ex. Gretsch Renown, Tama Starclassic, Pearl Masters). Take into consideration that I am 13 and...
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    Kick Drum

    Does anyone know of any sets that come with like a 22x20 kick drum other than Tama Hyperdrive. Sorry if there is already a thread about this its 12:15AM and I'm too tired to look it up right now.
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    Cat Club Jazz.

    I'm just testing the waters here but how much would you pay for a Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Kit in a white marine finish with cases included. The only "damage" to the kit is the normal marks on the bass drum hoop from the pedal.
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    New EC2

    Has anyone played the new EC2? How are they?
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    need help with Sound Percussion boom stand

    Anyone have that Sound Percussion boom stand that cost like $40 because i broke the bolt in the middle to raise the pipe up and than i lost the bolt. So i was wondering if anyone could post a pic of the bolt and how long it is so i can replace it. Other than that little mishap (which my fault...
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    Gretsch Catalina Maple vs Gretsch Catalina Club '64 Reissue vs Yamaha Stage Custom

    The title kind of says it all; which kit should i get. I play a little a bit of everything so i need a set that can do that.
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    Catalina Club Jazz or something like a Catalina maple

    o.k. so i have a catalina club jazz kit and i was wondering if i should get a cat maple or something in that price range since im slowly becoming more of hard rock/metal drummer as time goes on. dont get me wrong i love my cat club jazz ive had it for 3 years but im not sure if i should get more...