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  1. MileHighDrummer


    Happy Mother's Day to all of our moms here. Have a happy day.
  2. MileHighDrummer

    Another Ludwig Date Stamp Question

    As much as I hate to ask, I know there are those more expert than myself regarding Ludwig dating. I added a 13" tom to my Super Classic kit. My entire kit is date stamped October 31, 1996. This add-on is the same vintage but only stamped 064 inside. I'm not finding anything specific other...
  3. MileHighDrummer

    Anyone Remember These?

    I was cleaning up in the studio the other day and came across a rhythm CD that came with my drums. I'm not sure I ever listened to it but afterwards thought that - as small as it is - for a "new kid on the block" it might be that little bit of track that started or kept them practicing. Maybe...
  4. MileHighDrummer

    Getting another snare but which one?

    Only you can decide. You'll have to test many and select one. Any steel will will sound similar, as will most same-sized wood drums. Head selection and tuning will have a more profound effect on the drum's final sound. I would never recommend buying a specific snare as you are the gatekeeper...
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    Enjoy the game.......... GO BRONCOS.
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    New Here

    Hello one and all. I'm new (officially) here but I've been lurking for a while. Drumming for over 40 years with over 30 on both coasts and now semi-retired in Colorado.
  7. MileHighDrummer

    New Here

    Hello. I'm new here but drumming for 40+ years. Both coasts and for the past 15 years living in Denver. Pearl player for most of my career.