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  1. BonsaiMagpie

    Steve Smith: Practice on a splash cymbal for touch

    Reminds me of Dorothea Taylor practising doubles on an egg. She plays them soft enough to not break the egg, but with enough force that there is a continual roll. She then breaks the egg and cooks it. Great video :)
  2. BonsaiMagpie

    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    Second bass drum. The feel of centred aligning on the kit is very tempting. I'd also be tempting with on of those dual offset pedals to create the feel of two drums, but I already have an expensive double pedal I use. I want an aux Hi-Hat for playing closed hats while playing double pedal, but...
  3. BonsaiMagpie

    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    Does your phone have a micro-sd card slot that you can load your music on from your computer? If not you could use Dropbox or google drive to transfer them across, you can get a small amount of space for free and just clear it out after you've finished. Remember it has to be CD quality WAV files...
  4. BonsaiMagpie

    Bass drum pedal hitting screw.

    I had a Stagg double pedal that did this. Gave it away for the price of postage and bought a good one instead.
  5. BonsaiMagpie

    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    Remo Emporer (talking to a CB snare drum): If you will not be tuned, you will be destroyed!
  6. BonsaiMagpie

    Cymbal Set?

    The 101's were the first cymbals I played on. They were good for learning to hit different objects. I played some HCS in the shop while I was looking for some new stuff, not knowing much about them. To my ear, they are just about the worst things I've ever heard, and I love my Meinls.
  7. BonsaiMagpie

    Cymbal Set?

    I played with Sabian XS20s for years. Very versatile cymbals, mine were second hand and even when I sold them on had taken no damage.
  8. BonsaiMagpie

    Your best (and worst) band names

    One of my favourites growing up! I once supported a great band: Poison Electrick Head while I was in the band The Slow Death of The American Dream. My current 2 bands names are pretty normal: Magnetic Resonance Imager, Submariner. though I have projects on hold with a friend that we want to...
  9. BonsaiMagpie

    2B sticks variation

    If you use the filters on the main screen left hand side, you can quite easily find what you want, apart from having to select different ranges, which seems a bit silly to me. The Dave Lombardo stick is a little longer, though the taper is a long rather than medium, and it is lacquered rather...
  10. BonsaiMagpie

    Playing with inexperienced singer/songwriter

    My "quiet band", Submariner, struggled with time to begin with. We had ideas written by 2 guitarists, not a bass in sight, which had never had drums on it. As we brought it together as a collective, the time came together and now we have some great funky numbers which are really tight. we still...
  11. BonsaiMagpie

    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    I've been using Vater Matrix for a few years. Not than i keep replenishing them, I literally bought 3 pairs second hand of FB and then are so damn resilient I haven't needed to change them. Though one of them the tip has lost a bit of weight. However, for me, I much prefer Meinl Hybrid 5a since...
  12. BonsaiMagpie

    Drum Heads For Metal

    The EC2s are great. My only bug bear is that the painted on black stripe eventually deteriorates and leaves black material (think of rubber/eraser pieces after removing pencil marking). They come off with a cloth wipe on the drums, but it gets absolutely everywhere inside, and they haven't gone...
  13. BonsaiMagpie

    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    From what I understand man, recording to USB is a bit convoluted. You have to record the audio from the USB into the EAD10 by choosing recording source on the device and selecting your USB. And I know the recording file has to be 14.1KHZ WAV files (cd quality). When I was trying to get my head...
  14. BonsaiMagpie

    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    No I don't think you do mate. I tried with the USB A-B cable direct to my laptop and it got picked up, though I don't have the software to record it on there. Here's my first recording with the EAD10. Apologies for the terrible playing. :)
  15. BonsaiMagpie

    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    OK, so I have my cables and it's now working. I'll go through the process cause even then it wasn't very easy. Now, I'm also in the UK, so the cables I'm linking may not be available, but you'll at least see what you need. Remember, this is for Android (I'm looking at you guy in 2024 wandering...
  16. BonsaiMagpie

    Sharing Gear at Gigs with Other Drummers

    North West England is where all my gigging experience is from. The norm is that the venue, promoter or the big band provide shell pack, stool (not a throne) and stands. As a fat man I like to take my own throne, and as a terrible drummer, I like to take a couple of stands and lots of felts; they...
  17. BonsaiMagpie

    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    You were right, after speaking to Yamaha customer support they told me I need an OTG cable (on the go) this has an extra pin compared to USB protocols to allow the device to work in the way needed. I'm taking delivery of the cables i need tomorrow and I'll report back. Thank you very much for...
  18. BonsaiMagpie

    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S10, which is on the approved device list, with this adaptor and a generic USB C cable. I think the adaptor could be a problem, but I don't want to just buy another one if I am doing something wrong.
  19. BonsaiMagpie

    Recording with Yamaha EAD10

    I've got my adaptor now, USB B Male to USB A female and attached that to my smartphone cable. But when i open the Rec N Share app and try to record it says it needs to attached to a Yamaha Instrument. I feel a bit embarassed working in IT, but i can't get it to work. Is there anything i'm missing?
  20. BonsaiMagpie

    Yamaha FP9

    Mine just started squeaking a little bit after a nearly a year. Some WD40 rubbed into the springs helped and now it's back to silence. Not that I play all that fast.