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  1. T.Underhill

    Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz in Stranger Things 3

    While watching Stranger Things 3, getting flooded with more 80's pop culture references and music has been part of the enjoyment. One of the scenes was especially fun to watch as Weird Al's 'My Bologna' is blaring. The drum track blew me away :D IMO you can't make a hit 80's era show that...
  2. T.Underhill

    Gary O'Toole departs Steve Hackett band

    For those who have listened to and seen Steve Hackett for the past 15+ years this is a bit of sad news. No news yet on any full-time replacement.
  3. T.Underhill

    Connecticut Vintage and Custom Drum Show

    Any members going to this? I'm considering driving up for my first CT drum show. Low consignment prices, Danny Seraphine and Kenny Aronoff clinics, Bill Ludwig III, signings, and of course a huge array of vintage and custom drums. Any insights or stories of past show visits are welcome and...
  4. T.Underhill

    A hard hitting cover of Limelight by Rush

    That's one way to do it....
  5. T.Underhill

    Woodstick Big Beat 2015

    Any members heading to Tacoma for this event? Sounds like a fun day, especially to raise money for charity. Drummers on the docket: Tony Coleman (BB King) Daniel Glass (Royal Crown Revue, Brian Setzer) Bryan Hitt (REO Speedwagon) Jeff Kathan (Paul Rogers, Spike and The Impalers) Eddie Mendoza...
  6. T.Underhill

    Twisted Sister / Adrenaline Mob Drummer A.J. Pero Dies At 55
  7. T.Underhill

    Epic Solo Blows Drummer Off His Throne

    Epic, drunk, or both. Either way....very entertaining.
  8. T.Underhill

    Chris Slade drumming for AC/DC again?

    There's a lot of speculation on Chris Slade re-joining AC/DC after they perform at the Grammy awards. Either way Phil Rudd was getting replaced due to at least his recent legal troubles and trial delays...
  9. T.Underhill

    Would you sell your kit to its original owner?

    A scenario: The original owner of your vintage kit tracks you down by Internet sleuthing and would like to buy the kit because they were forced to get rid of it long ago for some reason. What say you? I pose this question because the original owner of my vintage car tracked me down through...
  10. T.Underhill

    Do you think it's time for your favorite drummer to retire?

    Last night I had a disappointing but wonderful experience at a Yes concert, one of my favorite bands. Lemme 'splain. The good - Yes has a new vocalist Jon Davison that brings so much energy, presence, and vocal power to the show. He is exceptional live and I enjoyed that part a lot, in fact I...
  11. T.Underhill

    Bermuda and Weird Al get Tacky!

    Awww yea, new video featuring DW admin extraordinaire Jon Bermuda Schwartz (and some other people). Love it!
  12. T.Underhill

    Delaware Drum Show

    Anyone going? The Mid Winter Show will be at The Ramada Inn & Conference Center 260 Chapman Road Newark, Delaware 9am till 4pm
  13. T.Underhill

    R.I.P. Tom Ardolino

    Tom Ardolino, a self-taught drummer who for 30 years provided the impassioned but steady pulse for NRBQ, one of the longest-lasting and most beloved rock groups never to have a Top 40 single, died on Jan. 6 in Springfield, Mass. He was 56...
  14. T.Underhill

    Think maybe this drummer wrote his own Wikipedia entry?
  15. T.Underhill

    My daughter's new shagadelic drums

    For Christmas I decided to refinish a drum set for my 8 yo (step)daughter since she was always inquiring about mine. I could tell she had natural rhythm and interest in music so I made it a priority. She LOVES them and I'm excited to have her learn some stuff. Her kit is setup right beside mine...
  16. T.Underhill

    "New" METALLICA Sound

    For years I've heard people complain about their later sound and how terrible it was: ReLoad, St. Anger aka St bang on a trash can lid. Most said they should go back to their roots, get back the heavier sound. So they did with Death Magnetic... Now I hear people say "They're trying too hard to...