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  1. The Gedge

    Setup times

    I was wondering how long it would take the average drummer to setup my drumkit. In terms of drums I have a snare, a single pedal kick and 2 toms (1 up, 1 down), all of which are Pearl. In terms of cymbals I have Pearl CX-200 hats, crash and ride, a Zildjian custom splash and a Meinl Headliner...
  2. The Gedge

    I'm in a situation I never thought I'd find myself in... ever

    I'm 16 and in secondary school (British high school). This girl asked me to go with her to the year 11 prom because her boyfriend's in a different year and therefore can't go. I agreed to go with her (pinkie swear, or something like that); we'll call her A. However, a few days afterwards I...
  3. The Gedge

    Taping drum heads

    I'm planning to tape the heads of my toms and snare to muffle some of the sound and give a less sustained tone. I have some questions about it. 1: Is it worth bothering with? 2: What would sellotape/scotch tape do to a clear plastic drumhead if left on there for a long time? 3: Is it more...
  4. The Gedge

    Taylor Hawkin's cymbals

    I was watching a Foo Fighters concert when I noticed that Taylor Hawkins has two cymbals that have holes in them. I presume this affects the sound somehow, but I was wondering how they would do that.
  5. The Gedge

    Buying a drum mat

    I'm about to get an acoustic kit and I need a mat for it. I just want a cheap, durable mat that doesn't let the kit slip. I'm thinking about this one > but...