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    Cymbal arm loose

    Hey everyone...that part right below that white dot on two of my Mapexs has come loose. Anyone know how to tighten it? I can't find a way besides twisting them, but they always come loose again. Is there something I can stick in that hole to tighten it? Funny that both of these were $100+...
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    That snare in rap songs?

    I almost feel stupid posting this but I once knew what it was called, forgot, and have been wondering this for awhile. That snare that's used in a lot of hip hop songs? It kind of sounds like the snare in this Sweater Weather a "crack". I'm sure all of you know what I'm talking...
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    Maple Steambent Snare

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about purchasing Tre Cool's Dookie snare. It's a bit pricey, around 3k, so I'm just trying to get some information on the snare itself so I can determine how much money is going towards quality versus how much towards the "limited edition" part. The snare is "maple steam...
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    Mounting tom over bass drum

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to figure out a way to mount my tom over the center of my bass drum. Either the 12" (right) or the 13" (left). My problem is that it doesn't reach over the bass drum. At the bottom is a pic of the stand I'm using...I can't move it over anymore as it hits the bass drum. I...
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    Any problem with using "marching sticks" on a set?

    I'm a pretty hard hitter and break my sticks very easily. It's largely from rimshots and going fast on the hi-hat, I'm not doing anything "wrong". I've been using the Tre Cool sig sticks...which are .625 dia., 16.5 in. They're pretty awful when it comes to durability, although reviews say...
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    Haggling with Musican's Friend on sets

    I'm looking to buy a new Ludwig.. has anyone tried negotiating with them (or any other retailer, actually) on a drum kit? Do they budge?
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    Remote hi-hat question.

    So I'm thinking about putting a hi-hat at my right behind the floor and having its pedal go next to the regular hi-hat and double bass. Do you guys know/think if the cable is long enough on this to be able to do that...
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    18" Remo Rings

    This kind for my 18" floor tom: I can't find them anyway. Do they just not make them? That doesn't make much sense...
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    Zildjian cymbal cleaner ruined my ride?

    ^^^This is when I just cleaned it off and hit it a few times. It gets a LOT worse. The other night I pulled out the cymbal cleaner to clean two crashes and my new ride. It's an A Custom 22" ping ride. Top of the line, $335. They all had whitish marks on them for the head of the stick, and all...
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    14" or 15" New Beats?

    I'm looking at some 15" New Beats that I can get for under $200 at a local store. Almost brand new. I was really only looking for 14" originally but this is a good deal. Can anyone tell me the main differences between 14" and 15"? Like is 15" harder to go faster on etc. I play mostly punk...
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    So I just got back from a block party...

    My neighbor comes up to me and says "So what are you training for?" (AWKWARD) It wasn't in a rude way, she's a nice lady but...I was just a little shocked. I'd say there's about 10-20 yards between my basement window and the side of their house, and I never even THOUGHT that they could be able...
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    I was just playing and for some reason the snare started sounding flat. So I turn it over to find a broken snare and a huge hole in the resonant head... Last time I tried to order a new snare I screwed it up, it was way too big. I have no idea what to look for now since last time I thought I...
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    Drum mat?

    Would you guys recommend a mat to put under everything? I've had mine on carpet (not like...flat carpet, it's like one inch strings sticking up) for about seven months but I'm looking to buy this hi-hat stand...
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    Rack tom scratching bass paint

    This might be a stupid question but I can't think of anything else to do. I have my tom mounted off of a cymbal stand and it rests on the bass (only way to keep it steady). As you all know, the ring that goes around the drum on the outside is pretty sharp and it started taking the paint off of...
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    Double pedal searching

    My chain just snapped on my old single pedal so I'm looking for a double around the $200 range. I've been looking at these lately
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    Changing username?

    Any way you can do it?
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    Bass drum head on the outside?

    The head on the the one that might have a hole in it for a mic...ripped and has been ripping in more places every time I play. I have no idea how this happened but I'd just the to know what the exact term is for this head so that I can look into replacing. Thanks
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    Special Drum Orders

    Has anybody ever placed a special order with an online dealer like Musician's Friend? How does it usually work? Do they make the price negotiable...or do they charge a lot extra because it's a special order? I'm looking to get a 18" vintage red Tama floor tom, and I can't find it anywhere on...
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    Hitting the snare with both hands problem

    I'm pretty sure there's a term for it but I can't remember it right now... anyways, probably about 90 percent of the time I hit my snare with both hands it makes a weird sound and it feels like I'm not getting all of it kind of bounces one of the hands away. I don't really know how do...
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    Cranberry Red/Black Red Sunburst??

    I'm buying this drum and I want it to match my kit as closely as possible. There's two reds available but I don't really know what they look like. Conviently they don't have a picture of either on the site...can't find it on google either...