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    Hard Rock Cymbals

    I have two Zildjian A rock crashes from the 80s and they still sound great and have help up well for all of these years under hard playing. Worth a look. I now find myself liking the A medium crashes since they are a bit warmer ....
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    8 or 10-lug for indie pop/rock, fusion?

    I have both 10 lug and 8 lug Tama snares. As stated above the 10 lug seems much drier (it also has a heavier hoop). I find myself playing the 8 lug 80% of the time since it is more versatile and has a nice open sound, especially for live situations.
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    Tama Stagemaster boom stand Pros&Cons ?

    I have a stagemaster boom and standard stand. They are well made and light! much better then the heavy Tama stands I have from the 80's.
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    Is this vintage Zildjian a crash, a ride, or a crash/ride?

    Related to a question I was going to ask. There is an article from Neal Peart about some gigs he did as a teenager. He talks about his 18" Zildjian and his 20" Zildjian and borrowing a buddy's 20" Zildjian ... but he does not differentiate between crash or ride. Was that typical in the 60's...
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    What are considered "cheap" cymbals?

    I have a mix of A Zildjians, 2002 10" splash and an 80's HHX Thin china. No issues they complement each other. You can mix and match brands.
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    Concert toms

    Yes, I dont like the sound of Roto Toms which is the other end of the spectrum ...
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    Concert toms

    I have the 6 and 8 concert toms from DW (satin black design series). I love them, I am a huge Peart / Rush fan so ....
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    Paiste 14" 505 green table heavy Hi Hats?

    Typo in heading. They are Green Label Heavy Hi Hats .... and in great shape!
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    Paiste 14" 505 green table heavy Hi Hats?

    Back in 88 I picked up a used set of these hats. Used them forever until I picked up 13" new beats. I have read these are essentially Rude Hi Hats. I am going to play them again today. what does the collective think of these hats?
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    New 10" splash? what type?

    arrived Saturday and it sounds awesome! I bit brighter perhaps than my 2002 10". I really like it.
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    DW Drums from a Non-DW Player's Perspective

    So I did not read all of the replies. I have a basic TAMA Imperialstar with Remo Ambassador heads top and bottom. Black wrap. I added the DW Design Series concert toms with a black satin painted finish. God those concert toms are heavy from the hardware. The black satin paint with the DW HW...
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    New 10" splash? what type?

    thanks all. Stay safe!!
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    New 10" splash? what type?

    Hi. I was looking for a used A Zlidjian 10" splash. Picked this up from Ebay for $40. I want to make sure this is not an older A custom but just the basic A Zildjian model. Thoughts? I think it was a good deal if it is indeed an A model. Thanks
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    My favorite overall kit was MP and Exit.... But the Ludwigs were really nice. Not a fan of the DW especially the last album. Too low and muddy.
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    I always thought they were the same kit ....
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    Also, he made so many changes ... the choice of heads (through MPs he used hydraulic resos) and the tuning was so different. The tuning on the Ludwigs was really high ... and then he started lowering the overall tuning on the kit as he moved to DW.
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    So he did this to all of this drums except the DWs right? I have read about waxing the inside of the shells. Not sure if it adds any sonic value ... In the article about Neal picking Ludwig, he also compared the same shell with and without the coating, and he stated it was a really close call.
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    More Rush - The Trees

    Thx. Very nice setup. I would love to have a 14 or 15 tom to the right!! My kit has 8/10/12 toms and 6/10 convert toms.
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    More Rush - The Trees

    wow. Nice job! Question on the kit, is that a 15" rack tom? Also where did you source the concert toms? Nice kit overall.
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    Are mahogany/poplar shells versatile?

    I have 2 8" toms (concert tom and closed tom). One is a Poplar Tama and the other a maple DW Design series. If I take the bottom head off the closed tom and tune them the same .... they send the same. Not sure the wood type matters all that much as long as the shell is well constructed with a...