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    Anyone Good With Time Signatures? 0.40 what are the time sigs here?
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    Double Bass Drum Tone Uneven

    I cant get my left beater to sound the same as right(dbl pedal). the right beater is central on the skin, left slightly left centre. Due to the location of the lugs i cant shift pedal any further right. Left is slightly muted and almost different pitch (even, seperate hits) Im using a emad...
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    Combining Different Hoops..Anyone Tried Doing This?

    Anyone tried combining different drum hoops? I am interested because i like the s hoop and the wood hoop, and thought they may give a nice combination of woody warm roundness combined with the s hoop open but defined sound.
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    My Mapex Saturn Kit

    Here is my kit in my rehearsal studio. Pics were late on after some beers. Mapex Saturn (2001) in Cherry Red 12/10/14/16/22 (16 not in shot) Mapex Mpx 14" Hammered Steel Snare Evans g2s and Ambassador resos (minor 3rd tuning) Zildjian 14'' Mastersound Hats Stagg 8'' Dark Splash on Hihat...
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    Looking For Critique of My New Band Id appreciate any feedback. This isnt my drumming, but im recirding soon. Just looking for lots of feedback in general about music. Other songs under the username Inceyte Band
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    6mm Hihat Clamp Doesnt Fit

    So i purchased 2 6mm hh clamps, but didnt know how to find out my pedals sizing and just assumed they all were the same (never had a problem in 20 years. Unfortunately its too tight and wont go on the shaft. Is there anything i can do with this?
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    Few Stand Issues..Anyone Help?

    1. Boom stand never holds enough from boom arm. Not sure if a washer has gone. how do i tell and can i fix it? just comes loose all the time, despite tightening, holding a light cymbal and hitting it softly. 2. I bought a meinl stacker like...
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    2nd Kick Drum or Budget Double Pedal

    Not played double since i had Cobras 6 years ago. My choice is a 2nd kick (which i do like for sound and feel) but not for the kit size or the metal god look. band arent thrilled about it either, and transport is going to be more cumbersome. The other option is the Mapex hp400? Whichever one is...
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    Feeling Beat Up After Playing..Anyone Else Get This?

    I recently started to get muscle strains (and have started to put on a lot of muscle) after a 3 hour drumming session all over e.g. back, thighs, neck. I do full warm ups upper and lower body and dont exert too much aggression and my technique is good. Ive never felt many pains at all before...
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    Cymbal Cracks & Drilling

    My friendly guitar player offered to drill my cymbal as it was cracked (17 inch A custom with 2 one inch cracks on edge). He said it would slow the cracking process. His drillbit was very small, and he said he may redo it with a larger one. So now it sounds like it has rivets in it. Very...
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    Ahead Cymbal Crowns

    I bought these black ahead cymbal crowns However, my cymbals move about like crazy. Very hard to hit crashes. I tried putting some felts above to stop this but...
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    What was your toughest gig?

    So ive been rehearsing with a progressive rock/metal band for the past 2 and a half weeks. The songs are on average 8 mins long, have 10 to 15 time sig changes (which ive had to notate as the other band guys dont count much), tempo changes and 10 to 15 parts which rarely repeat. They require...
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    Cheaper Comfortable Seating

    I dont fancy paying crazy UK prices for thrones, and considered using extra layers to pad my generic pearl export throne. Ive started using an office chair at rehearsal which is good, but not for gigs obviously. Just wondered if anyone uses alternatives like a random venue chair or something else.
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    Does Your Hihat Creep Up?

    When i play my hihat pedal for 20mins plus, the top hat creeps up. Very annoying. Is there a way i can fix this without manual adjustment 5 times a gig?
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    Hand & Foot Techniques For Specific Applications

    I was wondering which hand or foot techniques everyone uses for specific applications? For example ive found it easier to use a moeller stroke on the right hand, and i use more finger technique on the snare so i dont have to lift the arm so much. When doing any buzz roll i tend to use one...
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    Playing With Backing Tracks Live

    Just wondered what you opinions were on playing with backing tracks plus live band. Ive had a couple of gigs recently, one a session and one for fun, where ive been using backing with a click track. On one occassion it was a click without the band in my mix and the tunes contained various...
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    Rock Gigs Not Very Rock Anymore?

    So went to my first couple of rock/metal gigs in about 5 years recently. Wow, very different atmosphere it seems now. They werent quiet rock bands, but there was general surprise when people were chatting or making any noise during the tunes. Literally no one drinking because the beer was...
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    Anyone Good With Time Signatures? What is 3.58 to 4.15 in? Cant make it out.
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    Anyone Manage to Get Great Recording Drumsounds

    So im done with plugins for finished recordings. They are just not for me and i really want to get top recording drumsounds. However most recordings i ever hear sound really amateurish and boxy. Anyone manage to get great recordings, and tell what the setup was?
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    Who Are The Most Melodic Drummers?

    So my favourite drummers are guys like George Sluppick and Steve Jordan. I can easily listen to their drum tracks on their own all day because they are very soulful and melodic to me. Which drummers do you feel are the most melodic or 'musical'.