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  1. Jml

    Fired for COVID/ Age

    Best of luck in your new band. Your old band doesn’t deserve you.
  2. Jml

    Cymbal to drum ratio

    2 cymbals, 4 piece kit. So 1:2.
  3. Jml


    What's your playing level? Intermediate. Started late in life - at 49. I’m 51 now. Took formal lessons for a year. What style do you play? Mostly pop and classic rock because that’s what my band plays. Would love to be good enough someday to play jazz. Have I played dive bars? Yes. And...
  4. Jml

    I needed the weight (Crosstown discussion)

    I just bought the Yamaha 700 series hi hat and snare stand from recommendations on this forum. They will be my “heavy” hardware for gigs, like an outdoor one next week. But for indoor gigs, I’m still jonesing the Crosstowns....
  5. Jml

    I needed the weight (Crosstown discussion)

    It’s threads like this that I love - and dread. I’m seriously considering getting the Crosstown hardware, but I’ve seen stuff about the snare stand moving around and being too light, and the hi hat stand slowly creeping. Not to mention the need to use sleeves to protect them from scratching...
  6. Jml

    I've been given a song list

    Congrats on landing the gig! Best of luck. Looks like a fun set list. Lots of crowd pleasers.
  7. Jml

    Jazz bass drum pedal

    Pedal for jazz? I’m oversimplifying it, but try a Tama Classic pedal or the Jojo Mayer Sonor Perfect Balance pedal.
  8. Jml

    Would you play gigs with it ?

    All of this has me thinking I should buy a second, cheap “beater” kit, so I can keep my beautiful $300 Yamaha Stage Custom at home safe and sound.....
  9. Jml

    Carrying stands, pedals and other PITAs

    Get Tama Classic stands or Yamaha Crosstown hardware, and you’ll save time and weight.
  10. Jml

    Hard Rock Cymbals

    Hard rock and metal? Paiste Rude cymbals.
  11. Jml

    Why I don't want help taking down, even carrying my drums.

    Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I prefer to load and unload my own stuff. I’m sure the guitar player wouldn’t want me touching his “pretty” six string either.
  12. Jml

    Best piece(s) of advice you've gotten from this forum?

    Best piece of advice? Buy a Yamaha Stage Custom and save $ for cymbals. Which I did!
  13. Jml

    What's the most shallow-minded thing you do in regards to playing or owning drums?

    I only play Paiste cymbals. i try to be the first one to a gig to set up early and be ready. No worse feeling for me than having to rush. I usually don’t let anyone help me taking gear down at the end of the gig. No one knows where it’s supposed to go anyway.
  14. Jml

    Dream Band: Legends or Pros and You Behind The Drums

    Mine are purely selfish based on musicians I liked growing up. And they’re all still alive: Bass - Sting Keyboards - Billy Joel Guitars - Eddie Van Halen, Bryan Adams Vocals - Phil Collins If I could add a second drummer, I’d pick Stewart Copeland.
  15. Jml

    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    I’m all over the place with sticks right now. Vic Firth Keith Carlock sticks, ProMark Rebound 5a .550, Zildjian John Riley sticks and the Vater Studio sticks. But if the others are $12 and the Vaters are $8, I’m going with the Vaters.
  16. Jml

    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    If you go on Amazon, most of the Vater sticks (outside of the specialty ones) are under $8. Most other sticks by other manufacturers are just under $10 - or more. So why is Vater 20% cheaper? They’re supposed to last long (according to a lot of posts on here), so why the difference in price? If...
  17. Jml


    I only clicked on this because I thought the title said “Thots”. 😜
  18. Jml

    Practice pad. Which one???

    Prologix Blue, if you’re looking for something else. Don’t know about the Ken model.
  19. Jml

    PDP 800 to Yamaha 700 Stands?

    Yamaha 700 series straight stand is 6.5 pounds. So I’m guessing boom stand is 7ish pounds.