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  1. buddhadrummer

    Drummer's Insight Website

    I'd like to invite everyone to visit Drummer's Insight is my modest website where drummers can find short essays on the art of drumming. The essays are short excerpts from a much longer manuscript intended for future publication. Up on my site now you can read an article...
  2. buddhadrummer

    The Choice to Play the Drumset

    As part of some research I'm doing for a private project, I'd like to ask forum members to share how they came to play the instrument, in terms of whose choice it was. When answering, if you could please also share whether drums are fully integrated into your personal and professional life; or...
  3. buddhadrummer

    Choo-Choo Train Rhythm Sticking

    A bit of a throw-back, I know. But most drummers at some point want or need to learn to play and use this traditional rhythm effectively. There was a discussion that turned up in my FB recently about which sticking people used for this. Not one drummer mentioned the one I've been using for...
  4. buddhadrummer

    Why Do I Play Drums?

    In a few words, would you be so kind as to succinctly give the top reason(s) why you play the drumset? Thanks so much! --BD
  5. buddhadrummer

    Questionaire Please

    For personal research, I am soliciting answers to the following specific questions. Thanks so much for your contribution! 1. At what age did you first realize you wanted to play drums, and what was it, in a few words, that attracted you to the drumset? 2. What is your age now and how long has...