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  1. Marco Maggiore

    Drumming & Singing

    Hello Everybody, here to spread the word about a new single released with my band, a cover rearranged for trio of the Peter Gabriel's super hit Sledgehammer; I'm a drummer and that's a fact but i also enjoy the ride playing drums and singing with my own project made of friends... here you can...
  2. Marco Maggiore

    Drumming Moments on tour with Eumir Deodato

    hey there everybody, here are some drumming moments from "Eumir Deodato & Euro Groove Department" live around Europe Enjoy! M
  3. Marco Maggiore

    Modern World Symphony

    Hello Everybody, i just wanted to spread the word about this Album by Japanese pianist Taku Yabuki, featuring Marco Minnemann, Frank Gambale, me and many more drummers and musicians around the world... The Album wil be available on bandcamp july 3 and worldwide for streaming & download july 7...
  4. Marco Maggiore

    Euro Groove Department's "Sniff The Beef" (Funk-Rock-Fusion-Prog)

    Playing with my band several years ago...
  5. Marco Maggiore

    Recording Drums in Smart Working with Ludwig '68 drumset

    Drum solo during a recording session in my own studio with a 1968 Ludwig Drumset Enjoy! M
  6. Marco Maggiore

    Lockdown Practice

    Groove practicing during the lockdown my neighbors ar thankful... Lol...
  7. Marco Maggiore

    Marco Maggiore Here! Hello Everybody!!!

    (Blue Note Milano march 28 2017 Eumir Deodato & Euro Groove Department Live) (With Sting, Palabigi, Reggio Emilia, Italy, November 20 2019 going downstage after the show) WHO I AM Hello Everybody! My Name is Marco Maggiore, i'm a drummer producer from Milano Italy, i started play drums when i...