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    I'd rather be a dive bar drummer than a diva bar drummer I can't judge any drummer starting out today, I learned at a time when my one semester of beginning band and TONS of gigs was enough to work as a drummer. Gigs and opportunities to play are less now and that's where you learn your craft...
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    How about yourself Goose, it's your thread.
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    I'm not defined by the venue I play in, as a drummer (that plays out with humans, for humans) I've played in many diverse settings. Too many stereotypes around, I'm just an experienced drummer.
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    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    Ask them. I got a gig with a great player and wood-shedded his tunes, wrote out a book of his arrangements. When we gigged he said, "don't play like my other drummers, play like you but, COMMIT TO THE MUSIC"
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    Better to be diverse or specialize?

    Maybe one starts diversely and the specialty finds them. Maybe at some point, you just learn how to make music work. I've practiced tons of fusion and funk, got hip to NOLA and second line, played with good bluegrass players, done classic and country cover bands, etc, it ALL makes me play good...
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    Approaching the Instrument

    I just sit down in my favorite place on the planet like I have for 59 years. Practice room or stage, I'm still diggin' what got me there in the first place, playing drums. Mowing? I'm praying I get healed enough to mow again, paying $80 at 2 places for the moment.
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    Beginner question

    Hey goose, what do you practice to get your hands in shape if not rudiments? What are some of your unique skills you could share? Just wondering, what you call rules, I call tools.
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    Common Classic Rock Shuffles

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    Common Classic Rock Shuffles

    :unsure: Manic Depression (I can't find a good version by Jimi himself) Is it a shuffle, is it a waltz, it is fun to play
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    Common Classic Rock Shuffles

    Elvis 'flat tire' shuffle (backbeat bridge) Sly Graham Central station doobies
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    6 Live Performance Tips

    Good advice. I'd add not reacting to other's mistakes as well as your own, just finish the song right. In a setting that is improvisational, interacting with the other player's, (not an 'insane fill, you've not mastered) taking a part in the musical conversation, is another form of supporting...
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    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    I was considering Gretsch, Sonor and Noble & Cooley. Ultimately didn't like the Sonor kick, Gretsch took many months to deliver at that time and the N&C's were 40% off. I've played my N&C's for 25 years, no regrets.
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    A truly bizzare dream

    Truly bizarre indeed and funny if not happening to me. Speaking of dreams Did you see your hands in the dream? Googling it, here are various opinions about what it means. One says it shows your 'destiny'. When I started Stick Control I dreamed I saw my hands with sticks. I've never seen a forum...
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    Short free form solo..throwing in more chops than Jack Nicholson in The Shining

    Odd responses, whether requested or not, aren't suggestions or comments what these little boxes are for? So my answer to 'now what' might be 'solo ideas' (something to build on) as indicated', and I'd add 'sorry I bothered you'
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    Your Tuesday morning smile :)

    Too funny, but, to me, no way its 'real', the ambassador quote is too savvy for a clueless nube.
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    How long will you take a break from your stale period of drumming?

    It was always harder for me to get into practicing when I wasn't getting a 'return' for it. That is, having gigs, or playing with other musicians etc. I have happily practiced between an afternoon and evening gigs before. These days, no gigs, no jams etc there is not much inspiration. But, you...
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    Your mentors,who helped you be the drummer you are?

    I had forgotten family members too. My grandad played fiddle and his sons played fiddle, guitar, harmonicas, lap steel. They were bricklayers and hod carriers etc. Their big gig was a Union meeting one year. One uncle had a band with his drummer son. My mom met my dad when he was putting signs...