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    Ennio Morricone has passed

    Not a drummer but I'd wager a bunch of us love his music, I have worn out a couple of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly LPs RIP
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    Things you've not learned to do

    Brush playing, 59 years a drummer, and I have no brush chops other than traintime in Newgrass. Never had a gig that required it, turned down some that did (and paid well) rather than do it half As'd. ( I reviewed some vids, tried a few patterns and then saw Jeff Hamilton's concepts, saw what a...
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    Your mentors,who helped you be the drummer you are?

    My buddy Don Jesse was a couple of years older than me, a better drummer and played in the "rival" band. He could tune drums really well and before I learned how, he would come to my gigs and say "let me tune your tubs" Mostly they sounded great but sometimes they'd sound really weird and he'd...
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    Unusual Gig Stories

    Playing at The Hogshead Brewpub in Old Sacramento, a basement room and the band is set up along a wall with three windows. Outside those windows is the alley descending, so the first window is about a foot high, the next a couple of feet and the last a full window. As our blues trio played, I...
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    Why I don't want help taking down, even carrying my drums.

    'Helpful' bandmates often carry cases by straps not handles, tend to sit the stuff in your drum footprint so you have to move them one more time and after the gig, are only doing it to rush you so that you can drive them home in your van. And I want no one, not even another drummer, to help me...
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    Are you the conductor of your orchestra?

    An orchestra has a conductor to establish the tempo, direct the dynamics and signal changes and accents etc. In a band, that job falls to us drummers, often called being in 'the drivers seat'. The most difficult element of this seems often to be dynamics. In the bands I've played in, the...
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    Your best (and worst) band names

    My top 5 : Bluegaloos, Viagraphonics (we did get a cease and desist) The Channel Cats, Bourbon Plowboys and Playin' Hooky worst: The Music Bachs, The Pods, Suite Dreams, Soul Sauce and Proof of the Puddin'