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  1. Late Bloomer

    Belt drive for Tama Speed Cobra.

    Does anyone know if you can get a Kevlar belt drive conversion for a Tama Speed Cobra pedal? I have been to a couple of drum shops in my area and no one seems to know. I tried to fit the one from my Pearl Eliminator, but the fittings are different.
  2. Late Bloomer

    Does anyone else play this way?

    When it comes to playing a "train beat", I feel I can perform both straight and swung feel fairly well. The only issue is, when I see other drummers playing it, they play the back beat with the right hand. I have always felt more comfortable played the back beat with my left hand. I can do the...
  3. Late Bloomer

    My Surf Band

    My surf band played a set at an Moonlight outdoor cinema prior to Pulp Fiction showing the other night. I was playing my old 1970 Premier kit with a newly aquired Brady 14 x 6.5 Jarrah snare ( which I got for a rediculus price) and A Custom cymbals. There is no mics on the drums. I should have...
  4. Late Bloomer

    Where are good jam nights in Maryland?

    I am visiting the USA at the moment and staying in Parkton (out of Baltimore). I am here for a month or so and wondering if there are any good jam nights around? Preferably blues/jazz or rock etc. I currently play drums in a blues/rock&roll band and also a surf band back home in Australia.
  5. Late Bloomer

    Monster Groove Drum solo by Aussie

    Check out this groovy solo by Aussie drummer Andy Fisenden. The song is Georgy Porgy. This young drummers groove, chops and timing are amazing. I had not heard of him until yesterday when someone posted this link on my facebook page. Enjoy. There are a few other videos of him playing on...
  6. Late Bloomer

    More Live Blues form the "Rhythm Cats"

    Here is a link to our youtube site with some more live blues and rock&roll. We are constantly updating with more videos so check in from time to time. We vary from a 3 piece with guitar bass and drums up to 5 piece with 2 guitars, keyboard, bass and me on drums. The sound is recorded in...
  7. Late Bloomer

    I Uploaded a few of my Shuffles (live)

    I uploaded a few live performaces of my band at a local pub in my town. I am playing the house Ludwig kit, and I am doing a few shuffles. Let me know what you think. They are in the MyPlace section. Here's the link.
  8. Late Bloomer

    My Band in some live performances

    Here are a few youtube clips in HD of my band at one of the local pubs in Australia. I was playing the house Ludwig Kit. The keyboard was a ring in for the songs. Filmed with a handycam, and sound through the desk...
  9. Late Bloomer

    I saw Robben Ford band with Gary Novak last night

    As the title suggests, I went to see Robben Ford band with Gary Novak last night at a concert in my home town last night. (They are touring Australia atm)What an amazing band? I have been a Robben Ford fan for quite some time and my previous band played a bit of his material. I must say though...
  10. Late Bloomer

    Who's using a Jamhub?

    I recently bought a Jamhub for my band so we can reherse at my house, where I have my DTXreme111 kit setup. The other guys just bring their guitars, vocal mics and keyboard along with their pedalboxes(no amps required) and plug into the jamhub. I...
  11. Late Bloomer

    Jamhub for silent rehersals. I'm impressed

    My band recently bought a jamhub for rehersing. (I hope it is ok to post this link as it is the easiest way to show what they are.) I did a search on DW and found nothing about them. They obviously work best with an electronic drum kit. Luckily...
  12. Late Bloomer

    Got Sacked from my Band

    About 2 weeks ago I was sacked from a very good blues band. We have been gigging quite a bit and getting really good feedback. I have been working hard on my drumming, especially shuffles as most of the bands list has that feel. I have pretty much mastered texas shuffles which are fairly...
  13. Late Bloomer

    Overtight Snare Heads

    I been to a couple of blues jams lately and I've noticed the snare batter heads on the house kits have been so tight that the sound is pretty choked and makes them not so nice to play. Don't get me wrong, I have my snare at a reasonable tension but nothing like these. Why do some drummers have...
  14. Late Bloomer

    Roland TD9KX or Yamaha DTX 550K

    I am on the verge of buying an electronic kit. I have 2 great acoustic kits for gigging, but I am finding it too difficult to practice on them without annoying neighbors, so E-kit is the answer. I had a play on a Roland TD9-KX today for around an hour, and it was pretty good. I am also...
  15. Late Bloomer

    Tempo 2 App for Iphones a winner

    Recently I downloaded the Tempo 2 Metronome App for my Iphone. What an awesome bit of gear It only costs a couple of bux. You can easily program your whole songlist with their tempos and put together set lists as well. It can also count bars and it is very user friendly. I have only scratched...
  16. Late Bloomer

    Successful debut gig at hot venue

    Last night, my newish blues band had its first gig at one of my towns better venues. My other band had played there on numerous occasions. This place has been trying a few new bands out in recent times and always has plenty of hot women there. Anyway, they were very impressed and immediately...
  17. Late Bloomer

    Yvette Preyer - Why isn't she listed?

    After all the discussions about Meg White recently, I am amazed that the female drummer, Yvette Preyer is not listed. I did a search here and found almost no mention of her. Here drumming with Michael McDonald is fantastic. Do yourself a favour and check her out on youtube. This girl can play...
  18. Late Bloomer

    I almost fell off my throne last night

    My Blues band were doing a guest appearance at a blues open mic jam last night. We were into our second song, Robben Ford's "Tired of Talking" which is a shuffle at 135bpm with a fair bit of off beat 16th phrasing etc. Behind the house Ludwig drumkit, there is drop of about 2 ft into a old...
  19. Late Bloomer

    Why is it all about the vocalist?

    It seems that popular music mainly revolves around the vocalist. They get all the accolades and attention. There are some pretty ordinary vocalists out there who are made into superstars. Generally the other band members are thrust into the background. Majority of the fans only seem to hear and...
  20. Late Bloomer

    Dave DiCenso

    What an awesome drummer is Dave DiCenso. I hear names of drummers being raved about, but not many would be as good as this guy. His playing in this clip is unbelievable. The speed, accuracy and feel leaves me breathless. I don't know if this clip has been posted before...