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  1. smiffy11FTW

    Anyone know what mic this is by this picture?

    hiya chaps, anyone know what this mic is? I can’t find it anywhere online, thanks :)
  2. smiffy11FTW

    Flipping tom mount mount orientation

    Hiya Chaps, I've noticed both on my current acoustic kit and others i have seen online is that there is a pattern on bass drums of putting the logo round badge nearest the drummer and the tom mount further away but still facing the drummer (obviously). If that was switched and i put the tom...
  3. smiffy11FTW

    Tom extension arms/mounts

    Hiya chaps, I'm having issues positioning my toms how/where i'd like. I think the answer would be too have basically tom arm that comes out further of the ball and socket joint. I've looked everywhere and there doesn't seem to be one - they all seem to be that same standard size that ive circle...
  4. smiffy11FTW

    Pitch switching in my head when tuning

    Hiya chaps, New to the acoustic scene just FYI - So I'm having a real issue with tuning all my drums not necessarily from the mechanical side, but more actually hearing the pitch. I can do this thing in my head where if I have two neighboring lugs and I believe one is higher pitched than the...
  5. smiffy11FTW

    Gretsch Renown's tension rods (Toms)

    Hiya chaps, I'm having an issue with my newly purchased Renown: So the two tension rods that sit within the bracket for the tom mount only finger tighten a very short way before just becoming stiff and stopping - at this point i have to use a drum key. All other rods on that drum finger...
  6. smiffy11FTW

    what is the difference between DAW and VST software?

    Hey, im new to e drums however ive picked up a copy of SD3 and pro tools to make some covers using. Do i record in SD3 or my DAW software? do i need to connect the two pieces of software? thank you Adam
  7. smiffy11FTW

    Latency using superior drummer 3

    Hiya, ive just picked up SD3 and my scarlett 2i2 came today in the post. What are the steps and methods people use to lower their latency and how do i check what mine is at currently ? im using the ATV AD5 drum module Cheers Adam