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    Ghost notes NOT on snare?

    Hi all, Next up in my series of fairly mundane questions about drum notation is this one. Has anyone seen a ghost note written not on a snare? I've got a couple of beats I'm notating where it seems to make sense to notate the odd quiet hit not on a snare drum as a ghost note - on a tom or a...
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    How to notate hitting a drum with two sticks at the same time (NOT a flam)?

    Hey gang - the question says it all! I'm writing a drum book at the moment and there are a couple of beats I want to write that are used in certain songs where the drummer hits the drum with two sticks at the same time. For all intents and purposes it sounds the same as if they hit it with one...
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    Drag notation

    Hey all, I've been working on a drum beat book for some time now, and long story short I'm up to a chapter on drags and have been thinking about the confusing way in which they are notated. Drags are of course usually notated with two grace notes. This would imply that a drag doesn't really...