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    Tower Of Power Drum Cover

    Hi guys and gals! Here's my new Tower Of Power / Garibaldi cover. Quite complicated grooves on this one...
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    Steely Dan cover

    Hi guys! Here's a drum cover from Steely Dan, nice rock shuffle groove a la Jeff Porcaro. I played some of my own stuff on top the original so it's not a full copy this time. I hope you like it :)
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    Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al cover

    Here's my new Paul Simon drum cover. Big drum sounds on the original version so I tried my best to mix something similar. Hope you like it :)
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    Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals demo

    Hi, I got this Zildjian low volume cymbal set a couple of weeks ago and been enjoying these quite a lot. Very nice for jazz independence exercises and other coordination stuff.
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    Huey Lewis drum cover

    Hi! I listened to Huey Lewis & The News a lot when I was younger so now many years later I decided to play a cover version of The Heart Of Rock And Roll. Nothing special technically, just trying to play the groove as solid as possible.
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    Zildjian K Sweet vs K Cluster comparison video

    Hi! Here's a comparison demo between my favourite Zildjian crash lines, K Sweet and K Cluster. The differences are quite small but there's something different. Headphones suggested if you want to hear all the details :)
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    Practice pad comparison

    Here's my comparison video featuring Reflexx, Moongel, Vic Firth, Sabian, Remo practice pads. You will notice the volume and bounce differences easily....and my current favourites are Reflexx and Moongel for a quiet living room practice.
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    Let Me Entertain You cover

    Hi! Here again with a new drum cover and this time it's Robbie Williams Let Me Entertain You. I totally dig these Zildjian K Sweet cymbals and you can hear the same cymbals in a various songs from my previous videos. Hope you dig it :)
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    Chaka Khan Drum cover

    Hi again :) Here's another Steve Ferrone / Chaka Khan drum cover from the time before beat detective.
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    Dirty Loops Jonah Nilsson Drum cover

    Hi Drummerworld guys! I had some time to do a new drum cover and i chose Jonah Nilsson's new single Coffee Break. Pretty funky song :) I hope you like it and please leave a comment to the video or here.
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    Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down cover

    Hi! Here's my version of Tom Petty's I Won't Back Down. Very simple beat, i have used this for the beginner students playalong. Drums are Brady Spotted Gum with Pearl Steve Ferrone snare, Zildjian cymbals: 16" K Light Hihat, 18" K Custom Fast Crash, 22" Constantinople Med Thin Low & 19" K Thin...
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    My first drum clinic

    Hi guys! I had my first drum clinic last sunday and here's some footage from that event. It was a drummers day in Helsinki Finland and I was the last one to perform. I had some butteflies on my stomach but it went pretty well after all. My drums were Brady Spotted Gum and Brady blackwood block...
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    Drum cover with Yamaha PHX

    I just bought this used Yamaha PHX kit and wanted to test it with studio miking. I read many threads from this forum about PHX and had those for testdrive over a month. After changing new heads it really started to sound here's Charlie Puth - How Long cover with Yamaha PHX and Longo...
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    New tom head comparison

    Hi guys! If you are interested about how some Remo and Evans heads sound on a Brady kit then check this video :) And here's a snare head comparison from the same session:
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    Big snare head comparison

    I recorded this comparison for myself and other drummers so if you have favourites please comment here or to video. I used Brady 14x5,5 Jarrah block snare with sticks and brushes. Listen with headphones to hear little differences between heads. I hope this post is in the right section :) Sticks...
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    Bruno Mars - Perm cover

    Hi! This the first time I post my playing here. Maybe the best "drumsong" from Bruno's new 24K Magic album. Hope you like it and please leave a comment or subscribe my channel for more stuff :)
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    Tama Bell Brass tuning demo with Tune-Bot

    Hi guys! I'm new on this forum but have been reading this for a few years. A month ago I bought this Tama bell brass reissue snare and I just did a demo of it for myself and others. So check it out and there are some Tune-Bot settings if you own one. And you are more than welcome to check my...