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  1. alex19

    whats it worth? pearl vbx

    hi guys. I hope ive posted this is the right area :) I have a Pearl VBX in concorde fade. all have Evans EC2 skins on. snare has HD dry, kick has EQ4 batter with an eq3 coated reso. 14" AAX stage hats 18" aax metalX crash 19 AAX stage crash 20" aax stage ride all come with pearl bags for the...
  2. alex19

    Acrylic snares???? gen me up

    im in the market for a new snare. ive been looking at acrylic snares as they are a bit different. does anyone have any experience with them, in terms of sound? they any good or shite? if they are ok I might travel and try some out
  3. alex19

    cymbal stand repair (clamp)

    played a gig last night. used my kit, but the other drummer used his own breakables. when I came to mount my cymbals and adjust the stand, the bottom wingnut just wasn't holding the stand up. what I mean is the stand is made up of 3 bits of tube. the clamp at the top of the thickest tube which...
  4. alex19

    Pedal rubbers on the base coming off - which glue?

    not sure where this should of gone, but anyways... I have a pearl pedal, and the rubber pad on the base is coming away. if anyone else has had this, what glue is best to bond metal and rubber? thank you loads alex
  5. alex19

    Evans EQ3 foam port rings

    just sorted my bass drum heads out. i went for EQ3 ported reso, with an EQ4 batter. ive tunes em up and they sound ok. need a bit more tweeking if im honest. i was wondering where i can get hold of the foam rings that go round the port? is it possible? thank you guys and girls
  6. alex19

    Mesh bass drum reso heads

    im going for an Emad3 batter head on my 22" kick drum. i have the standard pearl reso head on it and want to change this. on my travels i came across a mesh reso head. whats all this about, are they any good? as always, im after a fat thump sound.
  7. alex19

    Feedback deeply appreciated - band recording with sequenced drums

    check this out. recorded in our bassists bedroom. the drums are fairly simple due to playing them on a keyboard. i have an electric drum kit (DTXplorer) for recording the new tunes. any feedback on the actual song would be really helpful. thanks guys and girls.
  8. alex19

    Help playing with a click

    ive done a search, but its not quite what im after. so please bear with me. ive never played with a click before. anyways, i tried it and i found i wasnt playing very well as i was constantly concentrating on the click, rather than the music. were desperate to record, and some of the songs NEED...
  9. alex19

    Ragmans Jukebox - Jester @ smugglers cove Huddersfield

    heres a video of one of our songs. unfortunately isnt the best sound weve had. i had to use hot rods, and the PA wasnt powerful enough. the venue had never had a drumkit there at all. still, i dont think its too bad. song starts around 50 seconds in any opinions or comments, fire away good or...
  10. alex19

    Ragmans jukebox - love song

    this is a tune we recorded using the college equipment. drums were recorded using a bass drum mic, and 2 overheads, no EQ'ing.... thats it!!! singer had to sing softer than he normally would as the mic kept on clipping, but i think its quite a good recording. nothing flash goin on, but thats...
  11. alex19

    check this bad boy out!!!

    hi there ladies and gentlemen. apoligies if this has been covered elsewhere. but can somebody shed any light on this "thing" here and if it works? looks freaky, but kinda cool at the same time...
  12. alex19

    3/4 time signature inspiration!

    hi guys and girls. the bassist in our band has pretty much wrote a song in 3/4 time. the "riff" is 7 bars long which is odd. right, the problem. i can play a 3/4 beat but im lacking inspiration. its been years since ive played anything other than 4/4 time so im very rusty when it comes to...
  13. alex19

    Replacement of Sabian AAX stage ride

    right, i have the ride in question and if im honest, its far too washy (????) for my liking. i want a fairly pingy sound, with little overtones and quick decay. what do you guys think i should go for. i will be selling the ride in order to fund this cymbal. id prefer to keep it sabian as ive...
  14. alex19

    Pearl Vision VBX heads???

    hi guys and girls. i have the kit stated in the title, and if im honest, it sounds terrible now. ive tuned the toms the best i can, and although the sound has improved, i know they could sound even better. the reso heads sounded ok once tuned, but the batter heads are sounding dead. no life what...
  15. alex19

    The Pierces - what you guys think?

    just discovered this band and i cant get enough of them. seriously talented song writers. thought id share a couple of links to their music. very 60s sounding/ fleetwood mac ish which isnt a bad thing now is it. this is all my opinions of course what you guys and gals think...
  16. alex19

    Koko's jig for stave drum routering

    im sure some of you are familiar with this method or know about it. at the moment im clubbing all my gear together in order to make a stave drum. i will be using this method to round the shells, but i dont know how to make this jig.. does anybody know where i can find the design plans in order...
  17. alex19

    hitting your face

    anybody ever done it while drumming. ive been in my groove that much ive clipped the back of my ear on the downstroke. poked myself in the eye too. wakes me up to be honest. is this common, or just me?
  18. alex19

    Snare/Drum shell building

    right then fellow drummers. im into carpentry, and i think id manage to make a drum shell without breaking into too much of a sweat. ive probably got all the tools id need and more. sooooo... where do i start. ive got all the gear, but no idea. does anybody have a guide or know of one on the...
  19. alex19

    Dualist pedals. talk to me

    been looking into getting a double pedal, but im a bit unsure. ive seen a pedal which is like a normal one, but with 2 heads. how do these work then? it said on the ebay page that the second one works on the upstroke???? cheers guys and girls. Alex
  20. alex19

    difference in pedals

    right guys, ive got a pearl p9000 (i think) pedal. ive seen iron cobras and all the rest of the "uprated" pedals. i suppose im just fishing for advice really. whats the score with these. what do they do that a "bog standard" one doesnt. ive never used a uprated one so i genuinely dont have a...