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  1. buddhadrummer

    Gramps Passed

    Sorry to hear of his passing Ryno. Interesting that although you disagreed you each had respect for each other. As it should be. Life is short. But not without its ripple effects. I'm sure you will keep the energy going.
  2. buddhadrummer

    Rudimental Practice and Your Brain

    Good observation. Since I was a kid I hear rhythms as little melodies and it makes them easier to internalize, rather than memorizing a sticking or accent pattern. Not sure if that's what you meant but it's my experience.
  3. buddhadrummer

    Cymbal Wiki

    That's Steve aka "zenstat" from other drum and cymbal forums. He's a doctorate statistician and I would say there is no one better qualified to do this work. He's like a brain surgeon.
  4. buddhadrummer

    Stick Response of Single-Ply vs. Double-Ply Heads

    Generally speaking, double-ply heads require more energy to excite. In addition, double-ply heads can be tuned lower, pitch-wise. But they will take more energy to get tone than a single ply. That said, you can get a double ply that is basically the same weight as your Ambassadors, in a Remo...
  5. buddhadrummer

    Stanton Moore....Zildjian??

    Seems as if he should have been with Zildjian from the get go. Zildjian doesn't make "signature" cymbals, but as we know certainly works closely with artists to design lines or models. We'll see. The Kerope's seem suitable for what he's doing, although they'd have to make a trash crash of some...
  6. buddhadrummer

    What exactly is a "Buttery" sound?

    This term was first used back in 1996 by Paiste when they first introduced the Traditional Line. It described the way the cymbals felt, not a sound characteristic. Those pies have a certain soft feeling, as if the stick sinks in a bit as you play. But over the years the term has been used...
  7. buddhadrummer

    Surf band substitute: NEED TIPS

    Listen to Laika and the Cosmonauts and Los Straitjackets.
  8. buddhadrummer

    Special or odd dates that you've had a gig

    The wedding hit we had the Friday following September 11 was uncomfortable.
  9. buddhadrummer

    Drag notation

    Alan Dawson was adamant about the notes' relationship to the beat that followed being the same regardless of the tempo. The three-note group would sound the same whether played slow or fast. I believe that's why he chose to write them the way he did. They were taught this way strictly as a...
  10. buddhadrummer

    Drums or cymbals?

    ^ let's not forget shell sizes and very importantly, room acoustics and the player! I'll take cymbals please.
  11. buddhadrummer

    21st Century Drummer

    Interesting concept and nice layout. Thanks for sharing Mr. Mayor.
  12. buddhadrummer

    Help, 18" ride cymbal?

    ^ I was wondering that same thing. Personally I could never sacrifice a ride cymbal just to have another tom.
  13. buddhadrummer

    Help, 18" ride cymbal?

    Kinda hard to suggest with such little information about the music and your playing style, etc. IN the past I've had really good success in a loudish guitar indie rock thing using an older K Crash Ride (pre-pin-lathing). 18" as a ride is tough but if you're willing to compromise you can get away...
  14. buddhadrummer

    Depression and drumming

    Yes, good advice here ^ . Other people's opinion's of you do not define you. That said, one thing I've learned is that those who control the narrative control the story. But it doesn't have to define you. The one's who perpetuate lies and the one's who believe them are not worthy of my...
  15. buddhadrummer

    Anybody Here Live or Have Lived in Taiwan (Taipei)? Looking for Drumming Possibilities

    Seems like the amount of money, time energy and headaches you'd spend to get your kit there would be far outweighed by the cheapness of drums in Asia. I bought a custom made 4-piece with all hardware for $350 brand new delivered.
  16. buddhadrummer

    Anybody Here Live or Have Lived in Taiwan (Taipei)? Looking for Drumming Possibilities

    Imo, it would be foolish to bring a kit there. Drums are cheap and plentiful, and virtually every bar and restaurant has a backline kit. You likely won't be able to practice in your apartment building, and there are practice facilities everywhere for cheap. I live in mainland China (Beijing)...
  17. buddhadrummer

    The "drum audition"...for vehicles.

    The Si was a cool car. We drove our Fit fully loaded 3,000 km all the way across China and back. Each way took 7 full days of driving and I never once felt fatigued from the car. The configuration of the rear is brilliant. It also has the 60/40 split rear seat, plus the rear seats fold up so you...
  18. buddhadrummer

    The "drum audition"...for vehicles.

    Honda Fit for me! Dependable AF, flexible storage, safe and super comfy. It's bigger inside than it is outside. Haha.
  19. buddhadrummer

    Thoughts on Touch and Time

    Right? And another great thing is that when playing slow you can focus on, hear and act on all the minutia of touch, dynamics, independent dynamics, spacing, technique, tension, etc. Slow practice sharpens the hearing and lets us pull everything together in real time.
  20. buddhadrummer

    Thoughts on Touch and Time

    Thanks for your reply. That's incorrect. I am not drawing a distinction between beats and subdivisions, but rather our perception of them. And to your "time is time", this also is incorrect, since time is a construct and is a large part of what we do, to construct a time feel that suits the...