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    Recommend Some Good Ash and/or Mahogany Kits

    I'm currently looking for an ash or mahogany kit I can get in the used market. I'd like to keep it under $600 including shipping. I'm located in the US and below are some kits I'm looking into. If you have any experience with them care to share your opinions? Or feel free to give me some new...
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    Drum Kit Builders

    Does anyone know where I can find a good one for download? I don't mean a mydentity or DW's (which is horrible), I mean one like DF KitConstructor II, I've tried finding a download link but none of them work anymore. Anyone know where I can get it or anything like it?
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    Need snare advice, best materials for a versatile player?

    I haven't really tested a lot of snares, but it is time for a new one and I'm kind of clueless. I play many styles so I'd like a very versatile snare. What materials are best for that? Wood metal, or acrylic? If wood or metal what kind of material?
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    Can I get some tips on resonance?

    So I am going to customize a kit I'm going to buy soon, a Pearl ELX or EXR. I haven't decided whether I should get a wrap kit (EXR) or lacquer (ELX). I know the rubber grommets on the lugs would affect sound (I'd take them off, I'm assuming it would dampen the shells, also replacing with tube...
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    Wanting crash suggestions

    I am looking for some new cymbals. I'd like two crashes that have a dark and warm sound, more warm than dark though. I'd like semi pro - pro grade suggestions please. I'm open to Meinl, Stagg, Zildjian, Sabian or Paiste. I'd also like to be able to get them used from Guitar Center. Thanks for...
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    Pearl Export Help

    I have a set of Pearl Export (Select's I believe). I recently got these and can't tell the wood type, I think it is either birch or poplar (going off what they used). They were one of the last few years they made them which makes me think poplar. The pic is of the kit but not mine, don't really...
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    Need Ride Suggestion

    I am looking for a ride that is very pingy that doesn't have a lot of sustain. I also want it to be a very aggressive cymbal. A ride that is crashable is not really a concern so if anyone can help me out please let me know. I'm open to any suggestion of a semi pro to pro grade cymbal.
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    Camco by TAMA *help please*

    I purchased a 3 piece (13, 16, 22 was a 4 piece with 12 tom but it was trashed) Camco by Tama kit, and want to know some things about it's history. The badges have serial's, but I can't find anywhere online that has serial's for these drums. They have TAMA's 70's/80's lugs and the speckled inner...
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    Popcorn Snare Advice

    I am currently looking for a popcorn snare, I never used one but have heard and played on them in stores and want to try one. Either an 8, 10, maybe a 12. I was just wondering if I could get some companies (big or small) who make good ones. I'd like one that is mounted not put on a snare stand.
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    Trixon Snare Drums

    I have been in contact with the Trixon drum company and have been offered special pricing for their snares. I just want to get some opinions on if this is worth it. I like the 3rd snare, I always wanted one to experiment with. But I'd like a little advice first. Snare #1 - $182...