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    Can this work as a drum cover?

    Yup they're free with purchase lol. I'm only needing to cover the drum set from dust. Would you say cloth based material is best? There are times when I don't play my drums for weeks. It's in the basement. Not sure how humid it gets down there.
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    Can this work as a drum cover?

    This: 5 ft. 6'' x 7 ft. 6" All Purpose Weather Resistant Tarp
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    Best drum rug?

    So any rubberized rug could work then? I'll see if Ollie's has some. Although this one looks like it could work too, the 6'x4' version: On-Stage Non-Slip Drum Mat Black 4x4 ft. | Musician's Friend
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    Best drum rug?

    I never thought of getting one but I now realized why my set would move slightly when I beat on it. So today, Musicians Friend has the Road Runner Drum Rug on sale for $69.99. It's still too much just for a rug. Any other suggestions?
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    THE rock and metal snare

    And I thought it's all in the tuning of the snare? I'm thinking about getting this: As it matches the color of my Tama Rockstar. I'm not sure why the snare that came with the set isn't burgundy, but silver. Is this common...
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    Is the Mapex Mars series a good set?

    I had this on my wishlist prior to finding a Tama Rockstar used. Looks like a decent kit, especially for $299. Guitar center offers it for that price sometimes.
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    Accidentally sprinkled wd40 on one of my drum heads.

    Will it be fine? I wiped it off immediately though. Hopefully it's not a penetrant (if that's a word).
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    Pearl Powershifter double bass drum pedal good starter?

    How's this for $90:
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    Why is my snare drum head appear wrinkled?

    I have the drumtune pro app, I'll be utilizing it soon. In case I need to get new drum heads, how do I find out what sizes I need for drum heads? I have the Tama Rockstar drum set.
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    Why is my snare drum head appear wrinkled?

    Is it getting old or what? I bought a used Tama Rockstar drum set at a Guitar Center. Is it time to replace the heads?
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    Pearl Powershifter double bass drum pedal good starter?

    I'm just staring out with double pedals. Can't find anything cheaper than $130 (nor should I look for one under $130 lol). Plus it's a Pearl.
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    Pearl Powershifter double bass drum pedal good starter?

    Guitar center is having a sale on it next weekend for $129.99. Good deal?
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    Bass drum playing; heel or toe?

    I would think both could work depending on style? For blast beats, doesn't the toes have more advantage?
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    What's a practice pad supposed to be good for?

    Are they quiet enough for apartment use?
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    Is walnut and birch material high end stuff?

    Is it light weight or actually heavier?
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    Do you use those low noise cymbals and sound dampening for quiet practice?

    I tried some at a guitar center. Some of these cost more than a real cymbal. Any suggestions what to get?
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    Should I use a metronome to keep time?

    Is the tama rhythm watch something of use?
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    Playing good vs. Sounding good?

    My drum set is in an untreated basement, therefore I'm not sure if my playing isn't good enough which may be why I feel I don't sound as good, if that makes any sense. I'm sure a compressor would make every drum hit sound as if balanced due to the compressor effect, right?
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    Can a cowbell be attached anywhere on the set?

    Is there a preferred spot for a cowbell? Could it easily be clamped on a stand or does it require special attachment rod? Also, is a cowbell stick necessary?