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  1. sticksnstonesrus

    Vinnie Paul passed

    Pantera FB just announced that Vinnie Paul passed away!!! Oh my gosh! This sucks.
  2. sticksnstonesrus

    Axis A-L2CB

    Sold. Admin. Pls delete.
  3. sticksnstonesrus

    The sound you like most...

    - your kit in your IEMs (or whatever sound support you use - monitor, nothing) - your kit while someone else is playing it and you're standing on the 'outside' - your kit through the board (compressors, big bottom, processed & tweaked at a venue or in the studio) My example. I get the chance...
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    What's in the Bag? I play at a couple locations for church. Same name, different locations. Both locations have house kits. The 3/4 drummers that are in rotation all bring a personal snare, various cymbals, sticks/bag, and bass drum pedal (at least I do). It's basically all I can carry in...
  5. sticksnstonesrus

    Free Floating Snare thoughts

    Long time since my last post. Busy times...good to be back with something to ask about. So, I just bought a Pearl 5x14 FF (with maple insert). It's not even in my hands yet and I have a question about tuning a FF. I'm used to having my reso more tensioned than the batter and just adjusting...
  6. sticksnstonesrus

    Man, it's been a while....

    Hey DW - been a long time since I've strolled through here. Had to reset my old passwords and everything. Anything new or exciting around the DWF? Andy
  7. sticksnstonesrus

    Snare stands w/ 16" basket

    Well, it's been a very long time since I've posted here....very. I recently purchased a new snare that has walnut wood hoops that are 16" OD. The only stands that look like they'll accept a 16" diameter rim is the DW 9000 (9300?) and the Pearl S1030. Most research gens a bit of fluff about...
  8. sticksnstonesrus

    Tungsten Rims

    I have wedding ring made out of Tungsten. It's basically the strongest and most dense material that I can think of....could you imagine a batter and reso set of rims for your snare? I'm surprised nobody has tried to get some made (that I've heard of). They'd be expensive though. Damn ring...
  9. sticksnstonesrus

    WorldMax snare

    I continue to bust lug casings off my Maryland DC in touch with Keith Larsen, ex-Maryland Drum boss, now running Mid-Atlantic Drums...and not only got replacement lug casings which are no longer available, but this too...Not a whole lot of lit on World Max snares. Anyone got one...
  10. sticksnstonesrus

    Pinstripe equivalent?

    So... I was a long-time and dedicated user of the imfamous Remo Pinstripe for my toms (rack and floor). A few years ago, I switched up to Evans on the snare, a superkick on the bass and have been experimenting with different tom heads since. My last set has been the Remo Black suedes which...
  11. sticksnstonesrus

    Dan Duggins - stroke

    Dan Duggins (Hot Rod Circuit/Queen Killing Kings/Zigmat) had a stroke. He's laid up in critical condition. No medical insurance either....
  12. sticksnstonesrus

    PM fishing?

    Just got the below in my PM box. Me virus? scam? And I highly doubt the forum administration sent this.... ______________________________________________________ Important message from the forum administration...
  13. sticksnstonesrus

    Bass drum head tension

    Not that I'm after speed here, but for the sake of keeping my feet in practice to higher single stroke BPM.... I noticed yesterday while reviewing some older stuff I used to play (back like mid 90's) that my feet are not accustomed to running in 190+ range anymore. Definitely not for very long...
  14. sticksnstonesrus

    Broke it!

    Welp, never had this happen before in 20+ years. Played a show yesterday, and through my in-ears...halfway through the first song...I heard the pitch of the snare change (dramatically). Looked down and saw this floppin' around on my 20 ply, 6 x 14" Maryland DC snare. Now...even worse...
  15. sticksnstonesrus

    Selling HH RBDR

    PM if interested. I'll send pics. CLASSIFIEDS doesn't get a lot of traffic.
  16. sticksnstonesrus

    Evans EC Reverse dot peeling?!?!

    On a great recommendation, I shifted to a EC Reverse dot from Evans. Just the right tone for me, durable as heck, and blah blah blah. Well, I noticed yesterday, the dot (which is on the inside, hence "reverse" peeling off (or delaminating). Is this a defect? So far the sound is...
  17. sticksnstonesrus

    Custom beaters?

    Anyone ever make their own? I've thought about this and was wondering what kind of wood could withstand repetitive thumping like that? Also, does someone sell weights that can be added to a beater stem? Andy
  18. sticksnstonesrus

    HB Retro Phonic Cocktail Kit

    This is a review....not a brag by any means. I was in the market for one (a cocktail kit)...nothing serious, not trying to break the bank and not trying to buy a complete dud either. Did some pretty basic research, ended up trying this HB (for Huntington Beach, CA). Granted, I knew that...
  19. sticksnstonesrus

    Cocktail kit

    I searched a few threads and while it all seems pretty explanatory, I'm looking to hear some feedback from those who have played or have an opinion regarding stand-up cocktail kits. My band does acoustic sets/unplugged and I'm looking for the lighter side of things without loosing the skeleton...
  20. sticksnstonesrus

    Remo Black Suede Emp/X test

    Well, I just had to try them to see. I love the look of the suede heads...and they don't "bleed" to the stick tips and thus that is a great thing. Now, having been a Remo user long ago before the Evans switch, I'm used to having to stretch them out. Once the glue-line cracked...