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    Can this work as a drum cover?

    This: 5 ft. 6'' x 7 ft. 6" All Purpose Weather Resistant Tarp
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    Best drum rug?

    I never thought of getting one but I now realized why my set would move slightly when I beat on it. So today, Musicians Friend has the Road Runner Drum Rug on sale for $69.99. It's still too much just for a rug. Any other suggestions?
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    Is the Mapex Mars series a good set?

    I had this on my wishlist prior to finding a Tama Rockstar used. Looks like a decent kit, especially for $299. Guitar center offers it for that price sometimes.
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    Accidentally sprinkled wd40 on one of my drum heads.

    Will it be fine? I wiped it off immediately though. Hopefully it's not a penetrant (if that's a word).
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    Why is my snare drum head appear wrinkled?

    Is it getting old or what? I bought a used Tama Rockstar drum set at a Guitar Center. Is it time to replace the heads?
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    Pearl Powershifter double bass drum pedal good starter?

    Guitar center is having a sale on it next weekend for $129.99. Good deal?
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    Bass drum playing; heel or toe?

    I would think both could work depending on style? For blast beats, doesn't the toes have more advantage?
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    What's a practice pad supposed to be good for?

    Are they quiet enough for apartment use?
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    Is walnut and birch material high end stuff?

    Is it light weight or actually heavier?
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    Do you use those low noise cymbals and sound dampening for quiet practice?

    I tried some at a guitar center. Some of these cost more than a real cymbal. Any suggestions what to get?
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    Should I use a metronome to keep time?

    Is the tama rhythm watch something of use?
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    Playing good vs. Sounding good?

    My drum set is in an untreated basement, therefore I'm not sure if my playing isn't good enough which may be why I feel I don't sound as good, if that makes any sense. I'm sure a compressor would make every drum hit sound as if balanced due to the compressor effect, right?
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    Can a cowbell be attached anywhere on the set?

    Is there a preferred spot for a cowbell? Could it easily be clamped on a stand or does it require special attachment rod? Also, is a cowbell stick necessary?
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    Do you own a bop kit?

    I just saw a Sonor martini at guitar center in champagne galaxy sparkle color. It's on clearance and will be drooling all over it someday once price drops down further.
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    How many drum parts or techniques are there?

    Do they have names? With guitars there's techniques like palm muting and so on. Just curious what they are for drumming. Seems as if banging on drums is easy enough.
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    Can a piccolo snare drum be clamped or no?

    Does it always have to be on a snare stand? I wonder what this side of my piccolo snare drum is for, is it for clamping it to a rod or what?
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    What kind of cymbal can this cymbal arm hold? I got it used. It looks unusual from the rest of my cymbal arms as it appears to have a spring, and those yellow things look like felts but hard as plastic.
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    Should I get a bell?

    Been curious about it and what it's for. My cymbals are all Paiste PST 3, and may stick with the brand's bell effect cymbal as well. The silver looking one.
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    Why the need for different drum kits?

    Do some drum kits sound genre specific or it's really all about the looks for the stage? I haven't heard of anyone being a drum set collector.
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    How do I position each of the drums in the kit?

    I feel awkward playing my drum set, not sure if I have them positioned correctly. See the picture below: At the guitar center, they seem to have their drum sets positioned perfectly. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong here.