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    Top 3 Greatest Living Jazz Drummers

    here's mine... 1. Roy Haynes 2. Al Foster 3. Louis Hayes now you...
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    K Custom Dry Complex Ride II

    Hi everyone... happy new year!! I am excited to say that I scored a 20 inch K custom dry complex ride II a couple of days ago on craigslist. I have been looking for an 'old k' sounding cymbal for a while now and I must say that this one fits the bill perfectly. lots of stick definition and dark...
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    what's the best line of sonor drums from the 80's for jazz?

    i was wondering which line of sonors would be the best for bebop ? in particular the phonic's, signitures, or sonorlites.
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    what kind of sonors is joey baron using here? i think they are phonic's from the 80's but could they be sonorlite or hilite?
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    anyone know what line of tama drums these are?

    i can't tell from the pics...
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    How old is Chris Daddy Dave?

    Does anybody know how old he is?
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    Yamaha Manu Katche Hipgig

    Does anyone own a set of these drums? If so, could you give me a review? it says that the drums are mahogany - what is the quality of sound for mahogany drums?
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    Anybody know what kind of Tama drums Elvin is playing here...?
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    drummers who can't read music notation

    i'm new to this board and am not sure if this has been a topic that has been discussed before, but... i'm wondering which drummers do not read music. some that i know of include; buddy rich art blakey dennis chambers also, what are your thoughts on the importance of reading vs learning by...
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    SONOR phonic/lite

    can you guys give me a brief discourse on these lines of sonors from the 80's? I am considering trying to buy a new (used) kit and along with Yamaha RC's - these top my list. only thing is i am having trouble finding a lot of info on these drum lines. I know the sonorlites were a lighter birch...
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    Best Period of Yamaha Recording Customs?

    Hi everyone! I am a new member of this site. Nice to be on board! Question regarding Recording Customs. I've read that the pre-YESS/ Early YESS period (80's-mid 90's) was the hayday for YRC's and yamaha drums in general. I heard that in the late 90's the shell's were of a poorer quality. I...