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  1. bud7h4

    Things you've not learned to do

    Keeping time with the hi-hat pedal. It's on my must-learn list.
  2. bud7h4

    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    Was pretty good until I stopped playing altogether after returning to drums. Good enough that I was known as such around my area, along with the other guitarist in my band. I quit suddenly around 2002 after returning to drums. Because of back problems it's easier for me to sit at the kit than...
  3. bud7h4

    Jazz bass drum pedal

    Looks good to me. I like the angle of the foot board too. I would have to actually see the beater sway to opine on the spring tension.
  4. bud7h4

    Is this real , these prices?

    Photos represent items' actual size.
  5. bud7h4

    Polishing cymbals

    Aren't the lathe lines being filled with dust and grime over time? I thought cleaners pulled that type of stuff off the cymbal which is why the cleaning rag gets dirty. Also what's the consensus on Zildjian Polish (for brilliant cymbals). I was just about to buy this for my A customs.
  6. bud7h4

    Jazz bass drum pedal

    Being a mechanical device, a pedal is also very unlike a drumstick. While they don't do the work for you, they are designed to do two things; assist in stopping the beater form moving backwards, and assist in returning the beater forward. And they don't all perform this equally well. The better...
  7. bud7h4

    Everybody's Kit Looks Cooler Than Mine

    😄 I thought it was just me too. I do actually like the way my kit looks in person but it never translates to photos except for the overhead pics. I've taken a few dozen pics, and the only ones I like are overhead.
  8. bud7h4

    Am I the only one who thinks bass drums should be at least 22"?

    Increasing the depth on smaller BDs just increases the boomy, bottom end not the "thump". If I had to go with a small BD I would prefer a 14 or 16" depth to keep some attack even if it means less bass, because that low-midrange bass is not the kind of bass I'm looking for in a BD. That's...
  9. bud7h4

    My Drumming Is So Bad..

    My drumming is so bad, my teachers didn't make me better, I made them worse.
  10. bud7h4

    My Drumming Is So Bad..

    My drumming is so bad I never need to practice. What's it gonna do, get worse?
  11. bud7h4

    Zildjian A Custom vs Avedis Zildjian A Custom

    I don't know if I've heard the original ones before but I love the newer ones. I just bought a 17 and 18 crash based on demos I had listened to online, and they sound far better than I even expected. A great balance between cutting and pleasant sounding. They're bright yet somehow warm. There's...
  12. bud7h4

    Pair of cymbals delivered today LOL

    Fresh! Right off the lathe, still warm. MMMmmmm
  13. bud7h4

    The Beatles- Music Theory?

    I've read some posts here referring to reading music. While reading music obviously goes hand in hand with knowing theory, reading is not theory. To paraphrase a classical composer friend of mine, you can fully understand and apply music theory without knowing how to read at all. I learned...
  14. bud7h4

    Pair of cymbals delivered today LOL

    Yeah. They were actually well packed.
  15. bud7h4

    Pair of cymbals delivered today LOL

    Delivery guaranteed in 3 days or less or your money back!
  16. bud7h4

    What's the most shallow-minded thing you do in regards to playing or owning drums?

    If I had the room and the extra money, I'd play double bass instead of a double pedal. While there is a practical, functional reason for this, a big reason would also be that I just love the way it looks.
  17. bud7h4

    Your best (and worst) band names

    Not bad, I guess, just extremely lame . . . . . . . . "Outrage" Oh well, it was 1988. I played guitar then. I'll never forget our drummer's "flams". No space between strokes, just a simultaneous thwack. Awful sound.
  18. bud7h4

    Feeling exhausted when drumming..

    It's not your age. 30 is young. 11 years ago you were a teenager.
  19. bud7h4

    The importance of shell sustain real world applications?

    I agree completely. While a drum may be clearly tuned to C, that note only serves to give the drum the desired timbre and pitch relative to the rest of the kit. The note is a tool, a means to an end. I don't care if it's a C or B. I don't even care if it's a D, and I hate Ds.