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  1. Stroman

    Things you learned not to do

    I broke my own "no politics" rule in a fit of insanity the other day, and was instantly reminded why the rule existed to start with. I'm still on fb, but I rarely post anything meaningful. I do like to see what my friends across the world post, though, so I haven't left. Yet.
  2. Stroman

    Things you learned not to do

    Never post anything political on FB. Never ever ends well or does any good.
  3. Stroman

    Tuning intervals for brighter sounding toms?

    Excellent work. I really do appreciate you taking the time. My curiosity was piqued, and I had no way to satisfy it! :)
  4. Stroman

    Tuning intervals for brighter sounding toms?

    Thanks for the work on that! I believe Larry uses Ambassadors top and bottom, so the Drum Dial number for the batter head will likely give a different pitch than with the Emperor. Still, I appreciate the time, and it's pretty informative! Edit - if I recall, a thicker (therefore stiffer) head...
  5. Stroman

    Am I the only one who thinks bass drums should be at least 22"?

    I've played 18 through 28 inch bass drums. I actually like them all for various reasons, and each one has limitations, too. I'm not really dogmatic about any of this stuff any more. 22 is a good, all-round size, so I can't argue with anyone who uses one.
  6. Stroman

    Tama Stewart Copeland Maintenance

    You don't *have* to take the lugs and strainers off, but you will be able to do a more thorough job if you do. Either way, it should clean up nicely. Chrome over brass is not especially prone to pitting, so it is likely in good, sound shape.
  7. Stroman

    Any opinions on 20" Powerstroke coated - better with or without CS dot?

    Pretty much the opposite of what you're thinking, I believe - the dot adds a bit of hardness to the attack, but doesn't increase low end. If you want low and fat, avoid the dot. If you want mid-range, solid sounding attack, get the dot. I have, and use, both, albeit in the clear version.
  8. Stroman

    Small dent, would You still buy?

    I agree with Todd. I might buy it, but it would need to be a lot cheaper than half off retail.
  9. Stroman

    Your Preferred Method of Snare Drum Muffling

    Oh, and to get back to the OP - I don't use any muffling at all on my main snare probably 95% of the time. When I do muffle, it's very light - just a loop of tape or two. I do sometimes use a second snare, tuned very low, with tape all the way around the perimeter UNDER the head, lying between...
  10. Stroman

    Your Preferred Method of Snare Drum Muffling

    There is no oil between the plies. However, that grey looking stuff around the perimeter is a light muffling agent. Here is a quote from Remo's site - " Constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil Clear film, Pinstripe® Clear drumheads have an overtone reducing agent applied between the 2-plies providing...
  11. Stroman

    Question for the People Playing 4 Piece Drum Sets- Sizes

    1) 24/13/16 2) I selected the 24" BD because I missed that size from kits I had in my younger days. The 13 and 16 were chosen because they seem like classic sizes (Ringo) and gave me plenty of depth and separation for the music I was playing. That said, I left a bop kit (18/12/14) with a...
  12. Stroman

    Show us a drum you “tricked out” or modified from stock

    I guess it depends on what you call mods. I have done finish work on a Ludwig snare and a Tama drum set. And I installed a tom mount and XLR jack for internal micing on my Ludwig bass drum. EDIT - the pics are out of order, but the first image is the "before" Tama kit, and the last is the...
  13. Stroman

    What do you hear when it's silent?

    That sounds like classic tinnitus. I have it, too. Interestingly, I almost never notice it, but if I listen for it, it's always there. And when there are certain quiet background noises (like a low fan) it can sound like people whispering or other types of sounds. Very weird. Luckily, I seem...
  14. Stroman

    Steely Dan - Aja

    That was extremely well done. Kudos!
  15. Stroman

    Ever regret buying a drumset?

    Wish I could say the same!
  16. Stroman

    All Parallels Reunion

    Very cool! I love seeing you play something so different from what I've seen from you before. Great fun!
  17. Stroman

    Tension Rod Issue on Snare

    Wow. Yeah that really is problem, it seems. I couldn't really see that before.
  18. Stroman

    Tension Rod Issue on Snare

    That is great service. On another note, I was looking at the original pic again, and I'm not at all sure there is a problem. The inserts in the lugs are designed to have some play in order to prevent binding. I think the rods just get out of alignment when you're tightening them. This could...
  19. Stroman

    Tuning intervals for brighter sounding toms?

    This is one of those times where a Tune-Bot would clear things right up for us. If anyone reading this has a Tune-Bot, a Drum Dial, a 12" tom and clear Ambassadors, they could figure it right out. lol
  20. Stroman

    Tuning intervals for brighter sounding toms?

    Like Clint and others have said, I don't think the pitch is a full octave above the batter. I tried tuning that way when you mentioned it before, and I couldn't get the reso head to go that high. Actually, it can be a concern, depending on the drum. I had a couple of concert toms basically...