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    Gretsch Round Badge video

    Hi! Here's a video of me playing my Gretsch Round Badge drums, with a vintage Premier floor tom. Nice sounds, wish I had a 14" RB floor tom to complete the set.
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    New Gretsch Catalina Club 2014 Finishes is showing some new finishes for the Catalina Club series! White Chocolate, Vintage Marine Pearl, Satin Flat Black and Satin Walnut Glaze. Also some new finishes for the Catalina Maples! When they're in stock, I'll try to get a Catalina Club Jazz in Vintage Marine Pearl. No...
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    Epic Antonio Sanchez video

    Don't know if everyone has seen this yet, but it's definitely among my top 10 youtube drumming videos... So great, just so great!
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    Eric Harland live webcast today!

    Eric Harland live webcast at Memphis Drum Shop in an hour and a half! I'm really excited!
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    Heavy 16" crash?

    Hey! For some time now I've really enjoyed playing my 13" Meinl Byzance Jazz Hi-Hats. I believe one of the reasons to them sounding so good is the fact that the bottom cymbal is so much heavier than the top. The bottom cymbal sounds more like a bell, weighs quite a lot, is really thick and is...
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    Waxing the bearing edges

    Hi all! What kind of wax do you guys use to wax the bearing edges of your drums?
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    Sewing machine oil for lugs?

    Do you have any experiences with using sewing machine oil for lugs? Good, bad? It shouldn't damage the hardware/chrome, should it?
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    My Gretsch New Classics are finally here!!

    The deliveryman got scared when I shouted "YESSSS!!!" the moment I saw him. So, as the title says, my Gretsch New Classic Bops are finally here! I also realised it was the first time I got completely new drums, as it was my first "unboxing" experience. The drums were boxed in a very, very...
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    Gretsch New Classics owners help!

    Hi! I was earlier planning on purchasing the Sonor Select Force Jungle kit to be used strictly for jazz ( The user "dmacc" preferred the New Classics over the Sonors, and I believe I am looking for the exact thing as he was! However I'm...
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    Sonor Select Force Jungle for jazz?

    Hello fellow drummers! I'm planning on buying a drum set to use with my jazz groups. I have long thought of the Sonor Select Force Jungle kit being a good choice, however I have a question that I need someone to shed some light upon (since I am not able to try the kit in person). So, if anyone...
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    Help me write a book!

    Hi! I'm writing a instructional/method book about drumming, obviously. I have quite a lot of ideas, but I'd like to know what you think should be included in it! You could say something like: "I think drum books should include specific Steve Gadd things, because he is awesome!" You can say...