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  1. evilg99

    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    Yup, been playing for about 35 years (started playing at about age 15) and own 5 electrics, a bass and 2 acoustics. Have even played gigs as both a bassist and a guitar player. Still will always be a drummer first , starting at age 7. Learning guitar and bass taught me a lot about playing...
  2. evilg99

    New Set Landed

    Congrats! 18x12 is a great size!
  3. evilg99

    Future 'Vintage' Drums

    Signed Craviotto will def be sought after ...already are.
  4. evilg99

    Let's see your Remo Colortones !

    Put 'em up! Especially matching resonant bass drum heads! I want to see an orange Colortone on a maple drum kit....or anything! Lots of interesting possibilities...
  5. evilg99

    Would a 20x10 bass drum work for small gigs?

    Yesssss. 20x12 is the magic size ! Just right.
  6. evilg99

    Hi hat foot chick volume

    Have you tried throwing one of those ching rings on the top hat? Maybe the flexible ones that Big Fat Snare Drum makes? Not exactly a hi hat foot sound but you will defintely hear it. I use one when I really need the 2 and 4 to cut through...
  7. evilg99

    What’s the “Supra” of Piccolos?

    That ^^ snare sounds so good I want to cry. Piccolos are , it seems snare drum that most drummers at least try. I tend to only like piccolos that sound good tuned medium-medium low (not cranked up high) . These are the ones that I have crossed paths with : I used to own one of those wacky...
  8. evilg99

    Yamaha Maple Custom 30th Anniversary

    Stunning kit you have there, and amongst the finest sounding drums Yamaha has ever made. That finish is 'jar of unicorn tears' rare ! I'll bet there aren't more than 10 of those ever made.
  9. evilg99

    Sabian - NAMM 2020 - more new Complex models

    The "picture or it didn't happen" :
  10. evilg99

    Sabian - NAMM 2020 - more new Complex models

    I know, not something I've ever done but they are that good, really.
  11. evilg99

    Sabian - NAMM 2020 - more new Complex models

    I just picked up two of the most exquisite Sabian rides I have ever heard. Got these last week, even before the NAMM announcement . Complex thin rides - in 21" and 22" . Exactly what you would expect, like the Complex medium rides but lighter and lower pitched, a bit more wash but never out of...
  12. evilg99

    Breaking news : Neil Peart dead at 67

    BRAIN CANCER. What hugely influential, epic, yet tragic life. RIP. A huge part of my drumming formative years.
  13. evilg99

    Breaking news : Neil Peart dead at 67
  14. evilg99

    I'm out of gift ideas for myself

    My standard smart ass answer to "what do you buy someone who has everything ?" is....something to put it all in. So maybe cases/bags/briefcase/backpack etc ?
  15. evilg99

    Are we living in a "Buyer's market?"

    Well...I think you can't paint the entire new/used drum market with one brush. I think certain for certain things, yes it's a buyers market. For others - it's sellers market or somewhere in between. Used low end is flooded with gear, - so is the mid line, depending on where you are. But...
  16. evilg99

    What is one thing you HAVE to have on your kit?

    Absolute minimum -four piece kit with one mounted tom, one floor tom, one bass drum, one snare drum, one crash, one ride, one pair of hi-hats. If there is a second crash, the bigger one HAS TO go on the left (hi hat side) .
  17. evilg99

    Yamaha signature snare drums

    That's really good info. Thank you for that. I have a seamless copper snare that still has all of its small square chrome lugs intact, I'm going to do this upgrade before it ever becomes a problem.
  18. evilg99

    Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

    Feeling incredibly lucky to have not only the 135th bop kit , but also the 135th rock kit , both in Emerald Green. Here is the bop kit with the snare from the rock kit. These don’t sound like normal broadkasters..more resonant/ open .....maybe it’s the single flange hoops? You wouldn’t think the...
  19. evilg99

    My new Gretsch drums

    Well...I've cut down two burst finish bass drums, and honestly you don't really notice that's just that the bass drum will now be a fade instead of a burst. No biggie, I'm sure it will still be a nice finish after the trim. Do it!!
  20. evilg99

    My new Gretsch drums

    Yeah, I started that back in 2014 of course....because I was having a cut-down festival that year, I think I did three bass drums from 18" down to 14". Still my preference.