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    Dixon PP-K900-KS bass drum pedal

    I think Dixon makes decent stuff. Definitely and up and coming company.
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    R.I.P Neil Peart

    RIP Mr Peart.
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    A good snare batter head?

    Lately I have been using Attack brand Terry Bozio signature snare pack. I think there very nice heads.
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    Help to ID Mapex drum

    It’s not likely an 80’s kit, Mapex started making kits in 1989. I think more likely late 90’s or so.
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    Stupid things people have said or asked you about playing drums while gigging

    In the middle of a song ( this particular part had no drums except some high hat stuff) some dude got right next to me and my kit and he was yelling at me asking me if I had a Lighter for his cigarette.
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    Performing songs cold

    My last band I was in had a CD release party. We literally did every song we knew. The bar was packed and the owner was begging us to do one more. My guitar player said “ Born to be wild “ Everyone was familiar with the tune so we launched into it. Never rehearsed it ,played it nothing. It went...
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    Band being unreasonable?

    If you'd like I can get my buddy Frank " Frankie Tin cans " Molieno of Newark to whack the Bass player for you.
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    "Are you any good?"

    I suck, plain and simple. That's my response. I don't really care what anyone thinks. I have just returned to my beloved and life long love affair with the drums after an almost 10 year laps in playing. I'm terrible but I still enjoy the shit out of playing. I will never let it go that long...
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    Different feet position

    That's a good point, Winston.
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    Different feet position

    As I return to drumming after an almost decade long break I've started from the beginning. Doing starter exercises, rudiments, the metronome the whole nine yards. As I re-incorporated my double kick pedal I notice my feet are comfortable in different positions on the different pedals. I use a DW...
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    FINALLY! All my drums arrived and everything's set up..!

    Just read this enitre thread, Holy shit, there was a ton of info any opinions. refreshingly no name calling or insults flying. Nice choice and enjoy your kit
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    DW buys Slingerland!

    My first kit was a Slingerland. My parents bought it for me. It was 1977 . Marine Pearl with a 24" bass drum. The kit was way to big for me as I'm a short Italian guy all of 5'4". It didn't matter I had that kit for years. I have very fond memories of Slingerland and my early days of drumming...
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    Sympathy For The Drummer

    I’d like to read that myself. I always felt Charlie never got his dues .
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    Guitar Center..we all love to hate them...but .............................

    Let’s face it they do have some excellent deals at times. That’s when ya go and grab something. Them and Sam Ash pricing wise are pretty much industry standard . They do have a big selection of stuff so when the getting is good go get it ! 🇮🇹🇺🇸
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    Do you plan on buying yourself anything drum-related for Christmas?

    Unfortunately not this year but who knows maybe a small purchase to make myself feel better. 🇮🇹
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    Music Row NYC , I miss it.

    When I first started playing back in the 70’s my family moved to North Jersey ( Newark area ) 20 minutes from NYC where I’m originally from. In Manhattan between 6fh and 7 th Ave on 48th st was what was called “Music row” like the garment district, meat packing district, diamond center or the...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    12" Vater single sided practice pad. Whats nice is was marked 24.99 the salesman and I were talking about the pad he pulled off the rack for me and i liked it. I went to pay it wrang up like $40 something dollars. I said yo that’s not what it’s was marked at. I said not for nothing you should...
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    A simple lesson that we can ALL learn from..................

    Nothing wrong with having a thing for gear. As someone said earlier it can be inspiring. However don’t loose sight of what it’s all about. Fun plain and simple. As a hobbyist I enjoy drumming for the sheer fun of it and that’s all.
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    The things you find: Used Sabian B8 ride... for $200

    what the F--- !!! $200 bucks absolute junk ........LMAO
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    Drum kit ratings by brand

    The only thing I can say is these "Best of " Or ranking lists are what someone else already said completely subjective. When someone asks me especially a newbie what is the best........ Fill in the blank. There is no " best " anything in drumming. It's all what you like. I cringe when I see...