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    Remo Pre International Heads

    I have done a search on here but can't find any info on the issue so I thought I would start a thread. I have restored an old premier kit and have a tom 12x9 that has had normal 12" heads on it, and it sounded ok. I picked up a remo ambassador clear reso pre international cheap and easily...
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    Pearl Mastercast Hoop

    Hi, A friend of mine damaged the top hoop on my Pearl Free floating Piccolo 14 x 3.5 when he was drunk, he has replaced it with a Pearl Mastercast die cast hoop. The type he damaged which is also on the bottom, was a pearl triple flange hoop. I realise that the mastercast hoop is better, as...
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    16" Bass Drum Head?

    I am currently converting a 16x16 floor tom into a bass drum and wondered if anyone could recommend a 16" bass drum head. I play drum n bass and jazz and would like a punchy sound to cut through the bass. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Paiste Formula 602 Hi-Hats

    Hi, I have a 13" Paiste Formula 602 Hi-Hat bottom (Sound Edge) and I have been trying to find a top for it for the last 6 months. I have regularly looked on ebay UK and US but have had no joy. I have seen a complete set on ebay US for $685, surely they can't be worth that much. I considered...