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    constant release technique vid explaining the constant release technique. play fast even 8ths with one foot
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    I converted my speed cobras to duct tape drive

    wanted to try my chain pedal as a strap/belt drive .. so I made 1 out of duct tape
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    no octopad in guitar center drum-off this year

    from the official rules "The Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger and Octapad SPD-30 will NOT be a part of the competition kit this year." I'm sorry but this excites me. now when I lose it won't be because someone with mediocre drumming ability played some familiar tune's bassline for 3 minutes while...
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    drum cover of Iced earth's "the coming curse" I got a new camera so I'm making videos again. it's been years since i've been on here. Here I am playing the coming curse by iced earth. pretty busy double bass. I have a foot view cam on it also. tell me what you think
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    yogi horton instructional video on youtube i found this the other day on youtube .. pretty cool video yogi horton talking about funk and r&b drumming. it's an old dci vhs
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    my band's music video hatecrown this is my band's 1st music video. beyond fallen .. song hatecrown .. we are oldschool thrash / american power metal .. for no budget we made this video in a room in our practice dungeon .. the singer's niece was a cinematography major or...
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    death - zero tolerance cover this is one of my favorite songs ever .. I was a bit sloppy .. a couple mess ups .. but still fun
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    iron maiden - wickerman cover I've decided to start making some cover videos I got a presonus audio box and hooked my mixer up to it .. and started messing with 2 camera angles .. just having some fun .. this song also showcases the constant release technique and how awesome it is
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    primus - extinction burst cover check it out.. tell me what you think
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    steve flyn of atheist

    anyone ever hear of a band called atheist? I've loved them for years and wonder why modern tech death bands don't cite them as a major influence this drummer is a NUT he overplays like crazy but i love it I want to make a cover video of this...
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    overhead drum cam from my band's show last weekend critique my technique my band Beyond Fallen played a show this past weekend at a place in wilkes barre PA called the factory underground. The venue is set up in such a way that I could have my zoom q2 above me looking down. I'd like any fans of...
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    can a gibraltar rack "wing" fit on a pearl icon rack leg?

    I have a pearl icon rack and want an extension but I don't want a full bar with another leg .. I just want a shorter "wing." I can't find any information about pearl having these but I know gibralter does. Main question .. would the clamp at the end of a gibralter wing fit the pearl icon...
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    how to make money teaching online ?

    anyone experienced in this? I like teaching drums but it is hard to find a lot of students in one area ... but online I could be able to teach all over the world from my own basement. (also slightly trying to find other ways of making money than working in a corporate hell hole that wants...
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    it's been a while but I'm back

    i've been gone a long while I fixed up my youtube page a bit and would love for you to check out and subscribe to my page lessons on warming up, push-pull/open close, constant release, a few other beats, paradiddle orchestration, and...
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    recording studio footage and new tama silverstars been a while since I've been on here check out some recording studio from my new band beyond fallen. I also got a new set with my last tax return. 7 piece tama silverstar. It sounds amazing.
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    guitar center drumoff watch my store finals losing solo ... .. lost to someone with half the chops I have ..BUT .. he had a more coherent story-like solo ... talked to one of the judges after it all about what I could do better next year .. basically told...
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    constant release technique for 2 feet basics lesson check it out. some beginning exercises for developing constant release rolls with both feet
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    constant release technique 2 feet at 240 bpm a short vid I made just as a proof of concept that you can use constant release technique for extreme speed double bass . sorry to be the guy obsessed with foot technique..... but the concept of manipulating the pedal in different ways amuses me.. and...
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    fast constant release for one foot lesson check it out .. . this vid has some exercises for improving single foot speed using constant release.. anyone struggling with their feet should give it a look and see if it might help them. constant 8th notes and gallops are possible at decent speeds...
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    a lesson on using stick twirls in a beat .. check it out .. a lesson on places to put stick flips in a beat