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  1. JimboJim

    New DWs - Black Velvet

    Edit for better pics and new snare. DW Collectors Standard Black Velvet - 22/10/12/14FT/16FT Snares: DW 14x6.5 Time Machine Yamaha 14x5.5 Jimmy Chamberlin Sig Cymbals (L to R): 14" K Mastersound Hats 16" Paragon Crash 22" Chester Thompson Liquid Ride 18" Paragon Crash 19" Paragon Chinese 10"...
  2. JimboJim

    Saturns With New Gong

    Wanted to post some updated pics of my kit. Picked up the gong on Craigslist a few weeks bad and just finished building the stand. Mapex Saturn - 22/10/12/14/16 Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Snare DW All-Maple Snare Cymbals 14" Paragon Hats 20" K Custom Dry Ride 22" HH Power Bell Ride 16" Paragon...
  3. JimboJim

    New (Old) DW Snare

    Picked up an older DW snare on Craigslist about a month ago. It needed a little work, so I ended up getting a new throwoff, snare wires, heads and outfitted it with some wood hoops.
  4. JimboJim

    New Here - My Kit

    Just wanted to post some pics PDP CX Series 22" Bass 10", 14" & 16" Toms Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Snare 22" Sabian Power Bell Ride 20" K Custom Dry Ride 14" Paragon Hats 16" Paragon Crash 18" Paragon Crash 18" Armand Crash 19" Paragon China 10" Paragon Splash