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  1. Snare

    Austin City Limits Festival

    Anybody going? I'm watching "The Roots" right now live on Youtube and they are absolutely killing it. Questlove is definitely on his game. Neil Young and Crazy Horse is also performing. Here's the link to the page if anyone is interested:
  2. Snare

    Band Director too unpredictble with scheduling. Similar experiences?

    Ok, this doubles as a question and a bit of a rant. My high school band director is extremely passionate about music. He has always done a fantastic job with composing and choosing the right pieces for our bands. He has led us to consecutive titles and so on. But for the life of me, I can't...
  3. Snare

    What was it like switching from drumming in High school to college?

    Just a question that popped into my head while I was watching some video of the drummers at the college I want to go to. The college isn't nationally known for music or anything, but the arts culture is pretty lively there. I was thinking that it would be strange hopping from percussion section...
  4. Snare

    Drum Beat (transcription please)

    Could someone transcribe the awesome drum beat in this Alicia Keys song please? I'm pretty sure that I'm playing it mostly correct, but there's some hi-hat raises and ghost notes that are confusing me.
  5. Snare

    "Internal tempo" for beginners? (Little to no use of metronome)

    Two weeks ago I was going down to my high school from 9am to 3pm everyday for marching band camp and we have a person completely new to the drums, now on snare. My brother and I missed the first two days, so when we came in we were expecting to be put on snare (as the band teacher told me, last...
  6. Snare

    The Roots? Any other good Hip-Hop and R&B bands out there?

    I began to really listen to "The Roots" back in May when I heard that their new album, "How I Got Over", was coming out (now my favorite album). I'd only seen them while flipping through channels, across The Jimmy Fallon Show, and heard two or three songs from their '99 and '02 (or '01) album...
  7. Snare

    My match grip technique, playing with four fingers?

    I was at Marching Band practice on Thursday and while I was doing warm-ups on snare, the percussion coach noticed that when I play at higher tempos, I raise my pinkies on both hands, so that I'm only playing using four fingers. I've been playing this way since the 9th grade (two years ago) when...
  8. Snare

    Drummers (older drummers), the effect of drumming on your hands? Other medical probs?

    I'm mainly asking about how drumming has affected your hands. My brother has described a "a shooting pain/tingling/numb feeling" in his right wrist. Sounds like a pinched nerve maybe? He only gets it after playing our electronic set. I think it could be from the recoil of the drum stick off...
  9. Snare

    What would you do if you had all day, everyday off?

    I just got out of school for the summer and noticed I have a lot of free time that I could use to improve my drumming, instead of lounging around. I pretty much practice drumming (lax practice), listen to music on YouTube, and do Tae Kwon Do whenever I feel like it. I have a couple of summer...
  10. Snare

    Starting jazz band next school year, need advice on how to play jazz.

    I'm going into 11th grade in August and planning to join the school jazz band. Since I started band in 6th grade, aside from usual class and playing my set at home (few hours daily), I haven't had any instructors personally teach me. I think that I'm at the point where I can't get much more...
  11. Snare

    High School Band Experiences/Stories? What you learned from them?

    I'm currently in 10th grade and curious about what kinds of stories, teachers, skills, fellow students, etc. other drummers dealt with/had before they left high school and joined a band or went professional. (I'll post my own story(ies) as well.)
  12. Snare

    Sturdy, Concert Band Sticks

    Before I type anything, I'm happy to say I'm new to drummerworld and it's a really nice site/forum. Had no idea you could find this many drummers anywhere. Anyway, I mainly play battery in my high school concert band, was recently playing in the pit for marching band and broke two drumsticks...