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    rehearsal with my jazz quintet

    Hi, I currently can't play my drums and its driving me crazy. I was going through some footage of my playing (out of complete boredom) and I found this clip which I like so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Its a single song from a rehearsal. Its an original piece by the guitarist in this...
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    my country and western band

    Hi, I thought I'd share some tracks from my country and western band. The drumming is really simple but I feel that simple is whats needed. I kind of screw up a bit on crazy. I keep closing the hi hat badly and it makes a scraping noise. I'm pleased with the whole balance of the sound of the...
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    jazzy drums - my gretsch new classics and istanbul OM ride cymbal

    Hi, I bought a zoom q3 HD video recorder today. Its amazing! The plan is to record everything that I play and then watch it back so that I can learn from myself. I think its a really good thing to do. I rarely get to watch myself play and I think its pretty fun. Anyway, these are my gretsch...
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    coffee shop gig

    Hi, I've been lurking here for a while but I rarely post. This evening i played a gig in a coffee shop bar / restaurant type place. I think it went really well and there were some nice bits in the recordings that i made. I've uploaded a couple of songs...