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  1. guidrummer

    Does Paiste even care about the jazz market?

    While I'm a big fan of Paiste cymbals and their quality innovation and craftsmanship, I'm wondering why they seem to not even be in the game when it comes to jazz cymbals. They market their 2002, Signature, Alpha, Rude, etc to the rock and metal players but they have shrunk their Traditional...
  2. guidrummer

    When will we see more Paiste Twenty Models?

    I know they had some issues with their initial material supplier and had to make a switch but does anyone know if Paiste has some new models for their Twenty Series in the works? Wonder if we'll have to wait until Winter NAMM 2010 to see more models.
  3. guidrummer

    Did Paiste sneak in a 2009 Price Increase?

    I was looking at some the New Signature Dark Energy cymbals online and noticed that the list price on the cymbals have gone up this year. First off, commodity pricing on copper has decreased since 2008. If anything, I would expect Paiste to sit tight with their pricing and wait until 2010 to...