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  1. mikeo

    is anyone rocking a 10x14 rack tom instead of 9x13?

    it seems to make more sense to me, if i wanted a big drum sound for rock that i would go 10x14 rack and 16x16 floor tom... i always thought the 9x13 was not the best sounding tom
  2. mikeo

    for those interested, new pearl bop kit

    just saw this ad from my local drum store... could be interesting
  3. mikeo

    snare shell resonance on a snare stand

    i recently bought a new tama roadpro snare stand... i also have a gibraltar snare stand... i tested my 12 inch tom on both stands... the gibraltar stand allows the tom to resonate basically uninhibited... whereas the tama stand definately kills some resonance... so now i am paranoid about my...
  4. mikeo

    yamaha 9500d direct drive pedal

    i just came home with the yamaha 9500 direct drive single pedal... i have only been playing drums for about two years, and during this time i used a speed king pedal.. i really like the feel of this pedal, however it is not very robust and the hinge wears out easily causing it to be sloppy... i...
  5. mikeo

    random thought

    when did the clicky, slappy bass sound become popular?... whenever i hear a recording that sounds like that, i feel very unsatisfied... on the other hand, on the way home tonight in my car, "wildflower" by The Cult came on the radio... huge clear bass sound that punches you straight in the...
  6. mikeo

    tuning tip

    i'm sure after i post this everyone who reads it will be like "i've been doing that for 30 years", but it was sort of a revelation to me..... anyhow, i find that tuning the reso head a third higher than the batter sounds great...BUT!!... it is hard to tell whether they are the right pitch...
  7. mikeo

    shell mounted tom vs rims mount?

    i am finding the rims mount thing to be annoying... i find they detune lugs and are just generally in the way... i converted a drum to a shell mount once and found it to work very nicely... i am considering this on my new club dates... anyone have any stories of success in this, or a story of...
  8. mikeo

    tom sound depending on where you stand

    anyone out there find that if you stand in one spot and hit your tom it sounds like a million bucks, then move to a different spot and it sounds not nearly as good?... i find this is the case for me... but when i heard a recording from a single room mic during a rehearsal, the toms sounded like...
  9. mikeo

    formula 602 flat ride

    just wondering if anyone out there uses this cymbal and how has it worked out for you?... i own one and i am having a hard time making it work for me... not sure if i should give up on it and stick with standard rides
  10. mikeo

    will a 20" club date bass drum ( with rail consolette) fit in a 20" case?

    i have ordered a new ludwig club date. i also ordered a set of protection racket bags for them... then i got to thinking about the handle for the rail consolette on the bass drum... will that make it too tight for the 20" bag?... if anyone knows that would be great
  11. mikeo

    update for all who posted on my thread about my dead tom

    i got a gauger rims mount for my cat jazz tom and guess what?... it works great... that dead tom actually sounds like something now... i was pretty impressed with the product.... after assembling it and spending some time (which i think is critical) getting it exactly lined up i was amazed at...
  12. mikeo

    tom resonance/sound off mount vs on

    i am having a real problem with my 12 inch mounted tom...when i have the tom off the mount and hold it in my hand it sounds great and i am quite happy with the tuning.. when i drop it on it's mount all i hear is "head sound" and the otherwise not noticeable ring becomes very pronounced.. i am...
  13. mikeo

    60's ludwig 20x17 bass drum?

    i am considering purchasing a 60's ludwig set up that has a 20x17 bass drum... seems to me like that is an unusual size... anyone know if that was an option in the late 60's... or could you get a custom size like that?... just curious
  14. mikeo

    how quickly do natural finishes yellow?

    i like the look of a natural maple finish when it is new and very white looking... not a fan of old yellowed maple drums... how can it be prevented?... do they need to be refinished periodically?..can anyone share their experiences with this?
  15. mikeo

    will a normal 18" head work on a bass drum?

    hey there... just wondering if i can buy any 18 inch head i want and toss it on my bass drum, or does it have to be a head made specifically for a bass drum
  16. mikeo

    who has a story of great patience before finally getting the drums they wanted?

    i would love to get a ludwig classic maple kit... it's been over a year now and i am still not there yet... anyone have some stories of great patience with a great reward?