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  1. decadeA

    Marks on cymbals.

    hello, quick question, what kind of marks are these on cymbals? I have owned many B8 cymbals, Paiste PST7, PST8, 900, B8X, but after buying some zildjian As they have some ‘stains’ on them. What type are they and can they be removed? If not then it’s fine, just I don’t like the look of them...
  2. decadeA

    Join a band

    I feel really stupid, but are there any websites or something that I can use to help find a band? Or even things I could do? Thanks.
  3. decadeA

    how much would this go for?

    I was looking at snares to replace my current pearl export snare. I thought if I wanted something around the $250 mark, I might sell my current export snare. It is in excellent condition, literally nothing wrong with it and the heads are pretty new. How much do you think it’ll go for?
  4. decadeA

    Pearl export 18" tom?

    So I looked on a website and found a pearl export 18" tom, which i never knew was a thing until now. Is this available in black? I was looking to buy a new snare drum and an add on tom. I saw this on a website in black but the picture was just a picture of a 16x16 tom. Any help?
  5. decadeA

    Stage Custom Steel Snare

    I was looking for a snare drum to replace my current (pretty bad) pearl export snare. I was looking at a snare that I could buy and have money spare to buy an add on tom or something. I was looking at a Yamaha stage custom steel snare. Is it any good? How does it compare to other snares at...
  6. decadeA

    best snare drum upgrade

    what would be the best snare drum to upgrade to from my pearl export snare? Are the sensitone series any good? Or should I consider a different brand?
  7. decadeA

    CHAINS- any thoughts?

    So I was looking at drum kits to replace my pearl export (2017) and found this. Pearl vision VBA in a ‘chains’ finish. What are your thoughts on it?
  8. decadeA

    Decade Maple In Britain

    Hello, I was looking to upgrade my pearl export 6pc kit as I have decent cymbals and bass drum pedal, I want to upgrade to a decent kit, I was looking at the Mapex Armory and the pearl decade maple and I decided on the pearl as I have played pearl before and if I trade in my export kit (2 years...