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  1. zephead19

    Drums vs. Cymbals

    I dont think Ive seen any threads like this before. I was wondering which you guys prefer. I know they are both essential to the kit but are you more in love with your tubs or your pies? Personally with this I have to go with cymbals. I like how much more simple it is to get the sound you want...
  2. zephead19

    Pearl Q-Popper Snare

    Alright so i was in a local drum store today and they had one of these on display. I hit it and loved it. It was almost exactly what I was looking for in a side snare. Quick with a good amount of crack (ideally i would like a little more but hey). Also I loved how easily it doubled as a...
  3. zephead19

    Closed hat boom question

    Hey I am looking for a boom that will hold a wuhan china under a normal hi hat top. I want to put this as an x-hat on my right side. My question is first... which closed hat boom do you recommend (I am leaning towards the tama one). And will my wuhan china with a normal hi hat top fight on...
  4. zephead19


    Hey all i just joined a new band. However its a metal band. I have basically never played metal before. I mostly play classic 70s rock, and to give you a reference to my ability i have played through most of carmine appice's realistic rock. Now the new band i joined plays modern metal, stuff...
  5. zephead19

    What to get?

    So its my birthday in a few days and I have been told I can get a new cymbal... My current set up is a 18" crash/ride 20" ride 10" splash 14" china and crappy 14" hats So my question to you is... another crash? or a hi hat replacement? Btw... I play mostly hard rock and some metal
  6. zephead19

    Hi hat under ride At a little over 1:00 in this vid he displays his trash hats. They look like the are mounted on a boom stand but when I try to mount my china with a hi hat top it does not fit on a normal boom cymbal stand. Is there anyway to mount...
  7. zephead19

    Jack White

    Wow, the incredible singer and guitarist is also an extremely talented drummer. Who knew??? This man is talented in so many aspects of music it is unfair haha. Check it out for yourself.
  8. zephead19

    Did I make the right decision?

    I went to my local drum store the other day with the intentions of getting new heads. I recently purchased a Gretsch Catalina Maple (in fusion sizes 10, 12, 14, 16) and was looking for a good sound for classic and hard rock. Many people recommended Evans G2's as batters so I asked for them and...
  9. zephead19

    Looking for a new ride

    Hey all I play mostly rock with a little bit of jazz. I am looking for a ride to complement my ZHT Rock Ride which is a decent ride with good stick definition. I want a ride with nice crashability, good wash, and at least an average bell. I would like it to be anywhere from 18" to 20" and it...
  10. zephead19


    I know plys are different pieces of wood glued together. This may sound stupid but what is a stave shell? how does the actual shell differ from a ply shell? Thanks, James
  11. zephead19

    Homemade Octobans

    First of all I know there has been a thread on this in the past. I just want to know from those who have made octobans before 1. What Materials you used 2. Where did you get them (materials) 3. How do they sound 4. What depth are they (and how it affects the sound) also the diameter 5. How much...
  12. zephead19

    Cymbal Bag/Case

    I want to get a cymbal bag or case that can hold around 8 cymbals. Is there anything under $100 that can get this job done well. All recommendations on a good case will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James
  13. zephead19

    Double Quotes in a post

    How do you put more than one quote in a post? Thanks in advance guys
  14. zephead19

    Gretsch Catalina Maple

    I just ordered a catalina maple in cherry red!! I can't wait until it comes in. Just thought you guys might be able to help me through the painful waiting process. P.S when it does come in I will be sure to post pics KIT ON POST 80!!!
  15. zephead19

    8" Splash

    Hey all. I am looking to get a new 8" splash. I am looking at A Custom, Wuhan etc. What is your opinion of a good splash for rock music?
  16. zephead19

    SIngle bass pedal

    I'm not sure how many of you out there actually play single bass but those who do can you give me some help? I currently am playing on a Pearl entry level pedal ( PI20P). I am wondering if I were to upgrade is it worth it to spend 150 to 200 dollars on a new pedal, is there that much of a...
  17. zephead19

    Gretsch Catalina Maple A Good Buy?

    Hello everybody. I currently have a Pearl Forum kit. I am looking to upgrade to a intermediate kit around a grand. I have been looking at the grestch catalina maple as i think the sizes on that kit are perfect (10,12,14,16 toms). Do you think that is a good choice or does anybody have any...
  18. zephead19

    Secondary Snare

    Hello everybody this is my first thread. I am fairly new to drumming as i am 13 and have been playing since i was ten. This may seem like a dumb question but, I have been doing a lot of drumming research lately and have frequently come across the idea of a secondary snare. I was wondering what...