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    PDP cx series

    what do u guys think about this series? I may have an opportunity to trade my MIM strat for a 7 piece PDP cx series. I haven't heard the kit yet, but i'm def gonna check it out if he wants to trade. From what i've heard its Maple kit, w/ wrap. FYI my current kit is a 5pc Ludwig Rocker from...
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    drums better than mine?

    I currently have a late 80's or early 90's Ludwig Rockers kit. I have found 2 kits on local craigslist that are up for trade for guitar gear. one is a Yamaha DP, other is a Pearl Export. My question is would i notice much difference between the two mentioned kits and the one I currently own...
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    new bass head

    well i ordered a new resonant head for my bass. 22'' ludwig rocker kit. I opted for the Aquarian Force II in ebony. My previous head has a huge hole in it, so i'm hoping this will give me some more boom! The batter is a EQ3, so being on a budget i decided to keep it until i get some cash...
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    hi hats with sizzle

    I'm looking for some used hi hats. I'm def gonna check out some new beats when i get the chance, but i'm looking for a hat w/ a lot of sizzle. I like how Danny Carey sizzles his hats a lot. Just looking for options. Also what about size. From the vid's I've seen on YouTube i may like the...
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    Used single pedal

    I'm hoping to land some Xmas money for drum equipment. Amongst other things I'm looking at used single pedals. Any recommendations are helpful, and the lower the price the better. I've been looking at the DW5000 pedal. 1. because i hear its pretty good. 2. cuz it looks cool ha ha. I've...
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    New to drums

    I have my first drumset. I believe it is a late 80's Ludwig Rockers in white. I got it w/ titanium Zildjian high hats, some kind of older zildjian sizzle (has rivets) and one Sabian B8. i believe the sizes are 20 and 18'' Like i said i'm new, so i've just been beating on it lol. I like the...