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  1. Banana_oil

    Added a 18" bass drum to my MCA

    I found a cheap 18" bass drum on the bay. Wrong finish, but I have plans to strip the cover but I'm not sure if I can have it look the same as the rest plus that the WMP finish is so sweet :)
  2. Banana_oil

    Creating my own vintage natural finish?

    I'm planning to buy a drum with white marin finish and convert it into the yamaha finish vintage natural. Does someone know how that finish is created? Is it wax or oil or both? Is it difficult to get rid of the wrap and glue?
  3. Banana_oil

    What about remo drums?

    I found out they actually still produce drum kits, but there is no information on their site regarding shell material. Does anyone know how those kits are?
  4. Banana_oil

    Starclassic performer B/B sound

    How is the sound of the performer B/B compared to the pure birch performer? Just curious..
  5. Banana_oil

    My new YMCA and old Genista

    My new YMCA and old Genista - UPDATED I'm new here and want to present my new Yamaha MCAN and my old (and sold) Premier Genista 75th Anniversary kit. Yamaha specs: 10x7.5 12x8 14x14 (straight out of the box - different color) 16x14 22x18 14x5 Ludwig supraphonic 1965 Genista specs: 10x8 12x9...