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  1. CASP3Rdrummer

    cracked cymbal - URGENT HELP needed

    so i've crakced my china and now it really buzz.... i need it fixed 'till tomorrow night. one way to fix it is the traditional one... to drill at the end of the crack then cut it and sand the edges... my father though suggested me to heat the crack and then solder it. so what do you think i...
  2. CASP3Rdrummer

    istanbul cymbals

    so i was browsing some websites comparing the prices of hihats but usually brands like paiste sabian meinl zildjian... and then i found a website selling istanbuls. now i know they are quite good cymbals but i know about them far less than the other brands. so three things i want to know. first...
  3. CASP3Rdrummer

    Me playing on a festival of my town-enjoy!

    hopw you enjoy it! many mistakes there cause we had less than a week to learn all songs and on top of that the sound engineer sucks a **** ... on the last one the...
  4. CASP3Rdrummer

    Remo CS

    i bought today a remo cs coated for my snare but i realised there are two types. the black dot and the white dot. i bought the white but is there any difference in sound?
  5. CASP3Rdrummer

    pearl vision individual drums

    ok my friend has a question and i was wandering if you could help him. he bought last year a VBX pearl drumkit. standar sizes (12,13,16) with black chrome hoops. he wants to upgrade it now. he wants to get a 10 tom and a 14 floor tom with black hoops too. he dont want to use ebay. i was thinking...