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  1. pie

    My tastes have changed...

    So i started off a sabian man, but then got my first zildjian. (vintage a mastersounds) i love em :) ive always loved bright cymbals and hated dark ones, but now.. all i want are zildjian k's. the sound soooo amazing to me. so i guess when i have money im going to sell my old cymbals and buy...
  2. pie

    A Custom Sweet ride

    Why isnt there one? Why isnt there a k one too. I think zildjian should definatly look into making them. There so popular too..
  3. pie

    Tama? Ludwig? Something else?

    Okay so ie basically got 1300 to buy a new drum set. my 2 choices are: Ludwig Centennial - 100% american maple -20 x 20 bass (favourite) -12 x 8 rack tom ( a little shallow) -16 x 13 floor tom (sweet!) made in taiwan arround 1200 with new heads + shipping natural finish Tama Starclassic birch...
  4. pie

    bigger crash?

    So im in the market to buy a new bigger crash, preferably a 18 or 19 inch. I pretty much have only access to sabian and zildjian and a little buit of paiste, but im opent o ebay and stuff too. i like bright cymbals, but also thinner models that are good for rock but also versatile for other...
  5. pie

    Ludwig Centennials

    Im thinking about getting these bad boys in the natural finish. I liked the green but in person its a little obnoxious. Any owners? Players? Good choice? Bad choice? Do you guys like em or hate em? Any help would be lovely. Thanks
  6. pie

    Sabian - Zildjian - Paiste comparison

    So i was tinking about how cymbal companies come out with series like another company to provide the same sort off sound. so i tried to match the series. help correct me because no doubt ill be wrong aha. Sabian AA - Zildjian A - Paiste Twenty Sabian AAX - Zildjian A Custom - Paiste 2oo2...
  7. pie


    so ive been in the market for a new kit and i was searhing kijiji and ebay and such, and i found a great taye tourpro set. i love taye kits, but i need my old drum set to sell on kijiji first. and im afraid that if it doesnt sell fast enough, the taye kit will be gone. so im bracing myself for...
  8. pie

    Need a good new snare

    So im looking for a new snare. preferably in the 100 to 300 range because im blowing all my money on a Taye kit. I hate TAMA so i dont want any snares of theirs. i just dont like the sound get out of em. doesnt matter lots of ppl llike em, just not me. im hunting ebay, craigslist and kijiji so...
  9. pie

    Remo equivilent of Evans Genera dry

    Same question as title. thanks :)
  10. pie

    Why are there no 11 inch toms?

    its a question ive always wondered. we have 13 and 15 inch toms. and would some people want the combo of 11 and 13 rack toms more than 12 and 13 or 10 and 12? other sizes would be cool too. 17 inch floor tom. 21 inch bass drum. possibilities are endless.. sigh..
  11. pie

    Does anyone actually like their really low end cymbals?

    First rule: Wuhan chinas dont count..cuz we all know there cheap as hell, but we all love em.. Anyways... I have a Sabian B8 16" thin crash, that i bought a long time ago. I am putting together a great cymbal set full of Sabian AAX's and Zildjian A's, stuff like that. But i still rock my B8 up...
  12. pie

    Sabian AAX Stage Ride

    I have a sabian AAX stage ride in 20". i was just wondering if any one else had the same cymbal and whether of not they liked it. I happen to love the cymbal as it is very versitile. it takes alot to make the sound lost. and it sounds great when crashing on it. the onyl thing i dont rly like is...